Rumor: The Last Story is Coming to Europe

At London MCM which is a comic and gaming event in London a questioner was able to get an answer to whether the Last Story would be coming to Europe.

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Shok2639d ago

Even if it doesn't come to NA, I could still play the EU version so I hope this is true.

I've been playing the Japanese version but I really have no idea what's going on in the story lol.

LoaMcLoa2639d ago

Same here. It all went good until I came to a part when I was supposed to follow a blue bird.

Some dude was supposed to give you a clue but I had no freakin' idea what he was talking about!

Redempteur2639d ago

okating an rpg without understanding the story is pretty stupid ..

you're missing a lot .

AT least ttry to learn the language a little by doing so.

( and this message is from someone who've finished dozen of japanese only rpgs. )

pcz2639d ago

yes, silly and pointless.

sort of like buying a book in a foreign language you dont understand.

rpgs are story driven games.. whats the point in playing it if you dont understand it :/

Titanz2639d ago

Nintendo wouldn't let their best selling console(Wii), simply die out like that.

GunofthePatriots2639d ago

this game looks pretty cool. i hope it comes to the states

Lavalamp2639d ago

Give North America a little love too, Nintendo! Last Story and Xenoblade por favor!

Eamon2639d ago

They don't need to bother with dubbing. Just translate all japanese text to english and give it to us!

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