BnBGaming Review: Medal of Honor

Sebastian looks the Taliban - and controversy - square in the face, as he reviews this entry in the first-person shooter series.

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execution172553d ago

I personally would of given it a 4/5
SP was awesome, I loved tier 1 mode, and a point loss because the MP was good but not as good as BC2 >.>.
If was similar or as fun I would of given up on BC2 and play MoH almost everyday.

TeaRunner2553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

Really enjoyed this game. It's not one you will rant on about in years to come, but it's like a good popcorn-flick. I like that it concentrates itself around this one conflict whereas cod or other military shooters jump all over the place.

Sugreev20012552d ago

Damn,a review of the game that came out almost 8-9 months ago...