How Sony Should Apologize To Win Users Back at E3

Gamersmint: "We look at a few ways by which they will be able to do so during their press conference at E3 this year, which is going to be held on June 7 at the Los Angeles Convention Center in LA."

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MonkJammas2673d ago

I would very much love to see cross-game chat.

Anarki2673d ago

Yeah, stfu please with these articles. What's done is done.

tehpees32673d ago

free games and PSN + for a month is enough for me to say apology accepted

thats_just_prime2673d ago

a check of a million dollars might do it

Kon2673d ago (Edited 2673d ago )

Not gonna happen. Microsoft has the patent i think. I might be wrong thought.

solidjun52673d ago

it has nothing to do with the patent. It's the OS memory footprint. With patents, you can always get around it with different methods.

Sony has a lot of smart people. They would have already figured it out.

With regards to the articles, well Kaz already had the public apology regarding the outage; and we get the PSN+ free for a limited time (for those who currently don't have it) and some free games.

I bet at E3, they'll only spend maybe a couple of minutes addressing the issue. I could be wrong, but with so much negative publicity regarding the PSN hack, I think they want to concentrate on the positives.

Black-Helghast2673d ago

He gets dislikes cause he said he wanted Cross-game chat? Wow, you fanboys are so selfish. If Sony added Cross-game chat right now, would you use it? Of course you would. Then stop hatin' on Cross-game chat, gosh. Sure I can live without it but wanting it isn't a bad thing.

KeiserSosay47882673d ago (Edited 2673d ago )

Yeah no shit....FANBOYS ARE RETARDED...why would anyone disagree with an additional FEATURE for the PS3? That makes no sense. I would love to see it. Cross-game chat would make things a helluvalot easier to get into the same freaking game in Socom 4. Instead of using my phone to say "nope, it's full...back out"

Edit: @Kon

I'm pretty sure MS doesn't have a patent on it. Steam has it, X-fire, Skype...

FredEffinChopin2673d ago

Stop telling me what I would use, you have no idea. And stop blaming everything you disagree with on"fanboys". Did it occur to you that people actually disagree with the sentiment expressed for a variety of reasons?

Black-Helghast2673d ago (Edited 2673d ago )


Yeah, and what other reason than being a loyal fanboy would make you NOT want Cross-game chat? Dude its an EXTRA FEATURE. Its not like we're gonna lose exclusives for it. Its an EXTRA FEATURE. get it? EXTRA. Gosh...I swear...people on N4G these days..

saumer2673d ago (Edited 2673d ago )

The system resources for Xgame chat has to come from somewhere. I would rather they put those resources into better games than some shitty voice chat when I can just use TS or VENT.

So in short, yes their is a reason I wouldn't want an extra FEATURE!

DarkTower8052673d ago

@ Black-Helghast, it's not that people don't want or wouldn't use x-game chat. It's the fact that for the past 4 years people have been whining for it in every update thread across the internet and it's tiresome.

It's like taking a cross country trip and having a 4 year old in the backseat asking, "are we there yet?" all along the way. At some point you want to stop the car, turn around and lay the smack down.

KwietStorm2673d ago

I don't care to talk to people who aren't playing the same game as me. I don't even care to have a conversation with people in-game on a topic other than what's happening in-game. If it's so imperative that I must speak to someone while I'm gaming, then they have my phone number. If they don't have my phone number, I don't need to be talking to them anyway.

BeOneWithTheGun2673d ago

Screw cross game chat I want party feature. All I care about is being able to NOT hear the dumb-asses in a lobby and ONLY hear my friends when we rape on Battlefield.

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rogimusprime2673d ago (Edited 2673d ago )


Just because sony has smart people, doesn't mean they are the ones calling the shots. You can't plan on being hacked, but you can respond better, and be more vocal with your fanbase. We have NO ETA on the PS store returning, and still no cross game chat, and backwards compatibility is gone.Sure i have it now, but if my PS3's GONE.

The games and PSN+ plus were a nice offering...two weeks ago, but i already have three of the games and have yet to see anything materialize. I love sony, but they have some amends to make. I don't expect Kaz to commit seppuku or anything, but just show your fans you give a damn.

solidjun52673d ago

I'm not saying they had the best response. I know...Sony's lack of communication during the downtime was terrible IMO. However, I didn't stress over it. In addition, when it was returned, Kaz issued an apology and he said it would return. At this point, while frustrated, we can't control it. There's nothing we can do. As for you having those 3 games: I understand and you would like more or something better. But, you said they have to make amends. I don't know. It's not like they were the cause of the shut down. Those hackers where.

As for the smart people comment? That was in response to Cross-game chat. Not the apology thingy. But anyway, I understand you're frustrated but at this point, the realization is that the store is not up. I can't do anything about it so I won't get frustrated by it. it'll be up soon. Hopefully today. :-/

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Karooo2673d ago

Yeah, they should give us some features this time instead of useless fws

Kee2673d ago

Well, the firmware updates aren't useless they're just not noticeable to you, the player.

2673d ago
YoungMoney2673d ago

MGS4 Trophy patch. I would forgive Sony and Kojima.

psb2673d ago

That would be even more awesome!

solidjun52673d ago (Edited 2673d ago )

I agree with this. I would love MGS HD collection. The first game I would play is MGS3. My favorite game of last generation. I spent so many hours on this game and would do it again and the tragic story of Big Boss was so great, I would play it again....even though I can watch it because I have Subsistence. lol

EDIT: Trophy patch for MGS4 would be great but at this point, 3 years later, I doubt they'll spent resources doing it. :-(
oh well.

prongs1232673d ago

prevent the network from getting hacked, burn him at the stake I say!!!

dantesparda2673d ago

i second that notion, MGS4 trophy patch! Come on Konami, you can do it!

Valay2673d ago

"PSP Remastered games to be priced below $15"

I just don't see that happening.

B_Rian892673d ago

How abooouut....
announce awesome games!

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