PS3's Brink update now live

TVGB: "Just a quick heads up to those itching to play some improved Brink this weekend; the latest update is now live for PlayStation 3 users."

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Elimin82607d ago

Sweet! Not bad at all. Level cap should have been higher and maps should have been in day one but I love it.

TooTall192607d ago

My favorite game in a long time cause I love online shooters. I will admit it's not for everyone. It can be complicated for newcomers.

Elimin82607d ago

"My favorite game in a long time" As far as FPS goes, I agree....

TooTall192606d ago

Even if it is an overpopulated genre FPS is definitely my favorite. I play all genres except for music games and nothing grabs my attention like a fun, well balanced online shooter.

Tibasco2607d ago

What does this patch fix?