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Best Boss Fights Of All Time - TFTV

TFTV list their all time favourite boss fights (PS2, PS3, Retro, Xbox 360)

Godmars290  +   1593d ago
The only problem I have with the list:
Should have said "God help Square Enix" instead of bless them.
bobbyluv  +   1593d ago
thorstein  +   1593d ago
Or at least one Demon's Souls boss. Not one?
Focker420  +   1593d ago
Its hard to pick just one from Demon's Souls, they all were very well done, its just hard to pick one above the rest.

Between the Tower Knight, Penetrator, FlameLurker, the Old King, Maneater, and I could list 10 others. Everyone has their favorites so its really hard to just pick one out of the entire bunch.
kingofmetal79  +   1593d ago
zackacloud  +   1593d ago

I love when we saw batman imagine himself the Scarecrow

it amazing
Kee  +   1593d ago
Okay, fail for putting sephiroth twice in the same list.
Bump the Kingdom Hearts one off the list and leave the FFVII boss in.

What is it with you Kingdom Hearts people thinking KH is even anywhere near comparable to FF?

There's a reason Mickey mouse is in it, it's a kid's game.
zerox505  +   1593d ago
lol says the dude with the sonic avatar
Kee  +   1593d ago
Sonic is cool as fuck!
When I was a kid when I played sonic so that's acceptable. One of the first games I ever owned. What's their excuse for playing a game about disney characters?
segamon  +   1593d ago
not bad and nicely written.
anubis56  +   1593d ago
Nice list...

but no one from bayonetta?
Bayonetta's bosses are all absolutely fantastic and epic!
hoof123  +   1593d ago
Could've filled this list with shadow of the colossus!
thorstein  +   1593d ago
And Demon's Souls. Or GOWIII
BABY-JEDI  +   1593d ago
GOW3 amazing boss fights.. Demons Souls excellent but not quite as good design wise IMO
darren_poolies  +   1593d ago
No Demons Souls bosses?

Agree with the majority of the list though :)

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