E3: Sony 'Leaps And Bounds Ahead' Of Microsoft

"Sony is 'leaps and bounds' ahead of Microsoft when it comes to IP, an analyst has told Play ahead of E3 Jesse Divnich, VP of capital research and communications at EEDAR, said Sony was ahead of its rival when pushed for a prediction on whether Sony would show new exclusives at E3..."

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fatalred alarm2676d ago

an analyst? Anyone with common sense knows this. Though myself, i find the most entertaining games to be on my xbox.

insomnium22676d ago

I also find it funny that so many disagreed with me. Which one is it guys:

1)You didn't get the joke and you thought I was attacking...or...something...?

2)You are too cool and too far above this kind of mild humour so you disagree?

3)You just love that disagree button. There's nothing more satisfying than to go on a disagree-spree randomly? You also love the feeling of power associated with the disagree and agree buttons.

Sometimes you guys.......

SlyFoxC2676d ago

disagrees on N4G are like crabs...dont know how you got them....but you have to live with them

xabmol2676d ago


Yeah, giant enemy crabs...

squallheart2676d ago

Not crabs, rock lobster!!!!!

Vherostar2676d ago Show
Sunhammer2676d ago

Only an idiot would disagree.

Menech2676d ago

Typical fanboy bull shit article that all the bull shit fanboys approve of, sad place N4G has become.

Legion2676d ago

@SlyFoxC + 10h ago "disagrees on N4G are like crabs...dont know how you got them....but you have to live with them"

You are lieing to yourself if you don't know where you got 'em. You got them from that girl on the corner who asked you if you wanted a date.

And as for living with them... well why don't you just get rid of 'em?? Not like you got herpies which is for life. Or did you??? ha

As for the article... well evry analyst is like a case of head lice. You let them loose and they just spread and spread and spread. NG4 the daycare center infested with head lice.

sikbeta2675d ago

I find this OBVIOUS! :P

Therealspy032675d ago (Edited 2675d ago )

the difference between the 2, as far as i can see, is that sony doesn't keep a lid on their exclusives, so you hear about everything before e3. ms keeps a few things up their sleeve which is why their e3 shows always impress. they also just put on a better conference.

usually i find myself in greater support of MS, but this year i almost have to give it to sony. they def have the better known lineup so far. i think move was a total fail, and i hope they realize that too and stay away from it at E3...if they do, they'll likely beat out MS cuz it's almost a sure thing that MS is gonna focus on Kinect (also a fail imo).

with that said, MS is gonna announce something big. it's going to be one of two things: either they are going to announce a new system for holiday 2012 (this will force sony to announce ps4 for holiday 2013 next year), or they are going to announce Halo 4. tbh, i hope it's both...and i hope they hold off on Halo 4 til next gen.

DeadlyFire2675d ago

Its easy to see Sony has more IPs uncovered right now.

E3 2011 - PS3
Twisted Metal
Resistance 3
Uncharted 3
Last Guardian
4 Untitled projects I believe.
Other titles? I don't know, but very likely to be teased of sequels to Sony projects.

E3 2011 - X360 possible titles.
Halo: Remastered
Froza 4
Gears of War 3
Project Zulu (Bioware project)
Possible other PC/X360 projects I am not thinking of right now.

* = PC also.

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chidori6662676d ago (Edited 2676d ago )

Sony already won this E3 before it even started. New NGP and uncharthed 3 + tons exclusives games for PS3= win for Sony E3.

Shok2676d ago

So an already-shown system with games we've already seen and already-announced features (Sony)is going to beat the reveal of the system we have no details on? (Nintendo)

kikizoo2676d ago

lol, so you want too see the same joke than last year with 3Ds ?

it's not the more secret company showing a surprise who deserve to "won", but the one who deliver the most and the best quality products, games, and nobody can compete with sony on this level..

captainjy2676d ago

won what? Doesn't winning reflect sales to some degree? Just can't agree with this. How easy it is to proclaim anything. And even with Uncharted 3 and God knows whatever other PS titles Sony has, Sony's reeling pretty heavily since the big hack and earthquake. Big, big losses by Sony lately. Xbox has a lot of great stuff coming this year so I know I won't be disappointed.

2676d ago
jetlian2676d ago

sole chance is ngp and thats gonna need a lot of sure fire answers pricing,models,games etc!!

E3 is about reveals more than anything and a new console is hard to top.

Sony next year games need to be shown in full too. Far to many exclusives this year gonna cripple next year.

ConstipatedGorilla2676d ago

Sony has won nothing. We already know about Uncharted 3 and NGP. E3 is to hear of things we don't know yet.

Therealspy032675d ago (Edited 2675d ago )

@shok: of course man, this is n4g. sony could come out on stage, give everyone the finger. tell their die hard supporters (sad) to f*ck off, and everyone here would still say they stole the show.

i do think sony will put on a decent show, i just don't think it'll have ANY surprises. just their usual 5 minute game montages, a few lengthy, boring speeches by that fat dude talking about how playstation is surpassing all expectations, and a "special" appearance by the unfunny guy who's name i can't bother remembering.

we'll know for sure in just over a week, but i'd be willing to put money on my prediction for the show. sony does the exact same thing every year (not that it's necessarily a bad thing - just not at all exciting).

king dong2675d ago (Edited 2675d ago )

can someone please tell me what they have won will win?????

what exactly is there to win? what prize is up for grabs?? come on fill me in.

the people that talk winners are nobody fanboys, who's beloved company cares nothing about. ffs, the next fanboy battleground begins with e3.

just looking at this "blog". it's obvious that the nobody web-sites are already gearing up to leach hits from "blogs4fanboys" with any nonsense that says sony and win in the title..

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Istanbull2676d ago

You dont have to be an analyst to come to that conclusion you know.

showtimefolks2676d ago (Edited 2676d ago )

look at it this way sony will show more games at E3 exclusives wise for ps3 in 2012-2013 than MS and that's a fact

we already have a 2012 lineup exclusives wise

agent(RS have confirmed in their investors call that its in development)
ff 13 versus
mgs:peace walker hd
last guardian

before you click disagree all i am doing is stating facts

hopefully this year MS will actually show some core games after 15minutes into their conference

Nintendo's new consoles
Sony's NGP

2 things that will steal the thunder at E3 in my opinion if done and sown right

2676d ago
cyclonus0072675d ago

So when Microsoft announces their much-rumored Halo remake that won't be considered a 360 exclusive? It won't have the "Only on xbox 360" tag on it?

Reissues and remastered games can still be considered exclusives if the game is only available in that new form on the console. For example, Ico and SOTC were both on PS2 but not on the same disc or in 3D or redone in HD as they will be on PS3.

showtimefolks2675d ago

well those you can only play with a dual shock and in HD on one console right?

so yeh and not many people tried ico/sotc i believe now that ico team have received more media coverage with last guardian more people will be able to enjoy both great game

and i missed em myself along with mgs:pw so for me that's the first time i will be able to play them in HD


you can bet your house MS fans will eat another halo and this being from xbox which a lot of people like now in HD it will do well and yes it will be considered a xbox360 exclusive

its like saying sly in HD doesn't count or soon jak and ratchet from ps2 in HD hopefully

either way my point being enjoy what you may its your time and money

DigitalRaptor2675d ago (Edited 2675d ago )

Oh give me a break DK286K,

It doesn't matter whether they're exclusive or not, especially when it's an additional layer of content that is being offered by Sony, and not offered to the competition i.e. Xbox fans. If you have a PS3 you can get this new content. If you only have an Xbox 360, you can't!

That is what's relevant. It's great content and it comes in addition to the great REAL exclusive IPs that Sony offers. If most of the content that Sony was offering was also on other platforms, I wouldn't be impressed. Thankfully, this is not the case!

TheDareDevil2675d ago

MGS peacewalker is not an exclusive. It's just a graphically enhanced version of a PSP game.
There's a good chance that quite a few people who own a 360 could also own a psp.
Agent is definitely in the works but no release date has been confirmed yet.

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JLeVRT2675d ago

I think that MS was ahead... but is falling behind. Quickly.

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-Mezzo-2676d ago (Edited 2676d ago )

Is stating the obvious.

Microsoft really needs to stop shoving Kinect down everyones throat and announce some games.

awiseman2676d ago

I love how everyone is reading the title and not reading the article. The article says they think Nintendo will win E3 not Sony.

Kyur4ThePain2676d ago

He didn't say anything about either Sony or Nintendo.
Maybe you should start reading comments before replying.

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Rikan2676d ago

lol No that's what Sony did with Blu-ray--cost them dearly. Kinect became the fastest selling electronics device in history and left Sony the odd man out in the motion gaming market (Move really does suck, Wii....already kind of did that....). It launched nearly a year after MOVE aswell. I love how everyone acts like MS is 'in trouble' or they 'have to do X' when in fact, Xbox is as strong as its ever been, and ahead of the PS3 STILL. If anything, perhaps Sony should take some better-business advice from them lol

SweatyFlorida2676d ago

Sorry microsoft is not ahead of Sony at all! Maybe in the motion gaming market but definitely not the 1st party gaming market (which is the REASON to own a console) and Blu ray is a big seller for PS3, it cost them but they profited huge. Microsoft is in trouble, if you were a true fan of xbox than you would know they need SOMETHING OTHER THAN HALO and gears. Kinect is child's play, Sony counters that with the NGP. So no, microsoft is last atm.

Just_The_Truth2676d ago (Edited 2676d ago )

wait did you say kinect launched nearly a year after move? anyways sony having blu-ray in the ps3 is the main reason to why MS's backed HDDVD doesn't exist. Every blu-ray bought is a testament to the great investment Sony put into the technology. Sonys ps3 also came out a year(and a half in the UK) after the xbox but it's selling faster then the xbox and Move has sold 8 million and i own one and it need more games but to say it sucks is ignorant. I pefer Sonys approach to gaming but the Xbox is doing well too and certain people perfer MS approach but no matter which console you support you have to admit Sony is doing a great job with it exclusives and studios but as a gamer i want to see every console to do their best job because we always win.

skrug2676d ago (Edited 2676d ago )

LOL Kinect launch nearlya year after MOVE? lol if u say 2 month is nearly a year....

"(Move really does suck, Wii....already kind of did that....)"

Kinect really does suck, eyetoy.... already kind of did that...

Yea, xbox360 is barely ahead of PS3, with 1 year - 1.5 years (europe) head start and a lower price point.

DJMarty2676d ago (Edited 2676d ago )

@Rikan - Wake Up..................Kinects nothing new. Sony did that 7 years prior, it was called EYETOY.

2676d ago
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Tyre2676d ago (Edited 2676d ago )

@ Mezzo It's comforting to see u got so many agrees, people here get that Kinect is a fad ^ - ^ MORE EXCLUSIVE CORE TITLES FOR GAMES WITH CONTROLLERS!!!

user94220772676d ago

Misleading: "They’re leaps and bounds ahead of Microsoft in the IP department."

In the IP department: yes, this is obvious with Sony having tons of IPs in 2011 and Microsoft only having a few.

TimmyShire2676d ago

As I said in the reports, I've been reported before for changing headlines - this is exactly as it appears on the site, I don't see how that is my fault?

NYC_Gamer2676d ago

they just wanna censor what you can post as news because might hurt someones internet feelings

TimmyShire2676d ago


Thanks man, I guess there's just too many people with power on this site at times.

I thought it was interesting anyway.

NYC_Gamer2676d ago

they have tons of first party studios

mark01922676d ago

Well, good for the PS3 gamers.

remanutd552676d ago

thank you but i dont really care if they are or they arent i just want them to keep the exclusive content steady and please sony i know you guys have published some very good new IPs this generation but i think its time to see at least 2 more new IPs coming to the ps3 and i want to know everything theres to know about NGP , good luck at E3

Happythedog2676d ago

I hate you. Your avater reminds me Motorstorm is home and I'm stuck at work :(