E3 2011's Most Anticipated: Uncharted 3

Can you think of a more hotly anticipated PS3 game than Uncharted 3? Neither can we. Naughty Dog won just about every game of the year award going with Uncharted 2, and they're pulling out all the stops to make the follow-up even better.

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chidori6662671d ago (Edited 2671d ago )

this game will stole the show in E3.

mark my words haters...

SonyNGP2671d ago

Correction: It stole your grammar.

MaxXAttaxX2671d ago (Edited 2671d ago )

UC2 stole the show at E3 2009 and UC3 may possibly steal it once again this year.
I'm also hoping to see some new Tomb Raider info and footage(hopefully).
I wasn't too fond of the last few games(except for Anniversary). I know they're doing something pretty different and that'll be interesting to see.
Also, maybe we'll see some Agent and Last Guardian info.
And maybe some BioShock Infinite too!

KeiserSosay47882671d ago

I think there are quite a few different types of games that have to potential to be good. So I don't know if any ONE game will "steal the show"....Personally, I wanna see Skyrim and BF3 MP footage...mostly because I already know that UC3 will be awesome. I'm more interested in what I DON'T know.

beavis4play2671d ago

with ND pedigree - we know UC3 will be amazing......i want to see "AGENT" gameplay and a new syphon filter!!

also (and these are personal choices) - i'd love to see a new jak and daxter announced or treyarch announce a full, retail zombie game!!

Rikan2671d ago

I believe Skyrim will steal the show--The Elder Scrolls Games have always dominated each year they launch.

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FLOWCity2671d ago

I'm actually anticipating Skyrim more.

awiseman2671d ago

Yea, if you look across the board and all demograpics. Skyrim wins hands down for most anticipated.

ShinMaster2671d ago (Edited 2671d ago )

Says the 1 bubble fanboy.

Sorry, not everyone is into medieval RPGs "across the board".

Ezio20482671d ago

i bet if UC3 dos nt kick Skyrim's butt......

ShinraE52671d ago

Gears 3 will be amazing and I am also looking forward to Dead Island footage.

ShinraE52671d ago

How can you disagree with that? I am merely saying those are my most anticipated games...

Kon2671d ago

Nope. Skyrim for me. I wonder if Deus EX will be there too?

user8586212671d ago

Im actually curious about the new tomb raider reboot

solidjun52671d ago

you know. Same here man. I know the Tomb Raider has become...a lost cause, but I got a feeling the reboot is going to be really good.

Rambot2671d ago

Yes, it does look rather good. I still think the hype built round Uncharted will give it the edge to pull off a stealer.

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