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We don't know a thing about Rockstar's Agent, not a sausage. That title shot, the one with a gun in the 'G', has been knocking around for some time now but, like a part-time interrogator trying to break Rambo with a feather, all we've got is a name.

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jizzyjones2674d ago

A trailer would be just dandy for me, as anything is better than nothing.

UnbiasedGamer2674d ago

The premise of this sounds far interesting then LA Noire, this could be great title from Rockstar. and perhaps get rid of the boring stuff of LA Noire though.

I_find_it_funny2674d ago

Assurance the project is not dead besides "still in development" statement.
A trailer would be a killer

Godmars2902674d ago

"It" for a start would be nice. A gameplay trailer.

Just saying...

NYC_Gamer2674d ago

i would be happy just to see some type of trailer

Apotheosize2674d ago

"Agent: What we want to see"


TheTruth892674d ago

LMAO, you win!

Anyway, Epic Software House + Epic Console + Epic Epic Epic Epic things = A DAMN EPIC GAME!

LarVanian2674d ago

Maybe some confirmation on progression, like how much of it is done; 20, 30 or maybe even 50% done?

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The story is too old to be commented.