MAG, Sly and Vanquish on Sale for $15 Each

This is one sale that you do not want to miss if you have not purchased these games.

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Hitman07692524d ago

Ridiculously low price. I see sequels in our future. Do You?

remanutd552524d ago

yes , specially MAG , i think there will be a MAG 2 soon

RockmanII72523d ago

Wasn't MAG 2 leaked a while back by Wal Mart?

Kon2524d ago

Vanquish is more likely to happen

ZBlacktt2524d ago

Play MAG everyday. Just a hellva fun game. Wish Zipper would support it though... that or MAG 2????

remanutd552524d ago

MAG 2 is more likely to happen

ExPresident2524d ago

Kind of an ironic statement really considering Zipper supported MAG better than they did the other Socom games. Also considering the fact that the MAG that exists now is almost completely different than the BETA says a LOT about how much work Zipper put into the changes in the game. I'd say Zipper did an amazing job with MAG and supporting it.

I also think its a bit to early to announce anything about MAG 2 considering S4 just got released.

ZBlacktt2523d ago

Let me explain some more for you then. If you have played MAG. Then you'll know it had just two DLC maps added. A new screen layout was added late 2010. But a game with this many members on it daily. Then just to have some 6 games and like 6 maps gets very repetitive at times. But it's the scale of the fights that makes you forget that. But if you think about it. You are doing the same thing every time in every game. Plus, the two DLC games hardly ever have enough player's to even get one started. So that's a bummer. Then Zipper pulled servers for MAG and used them for SOCOM 4. So lag is a huge issue now. Guess the point is, maybe they can't handle running two popular games at the same time aye?

yamzilla2524d ago

when does this start, went to official taget website, vanguish is $40


This might not be nationwide

anyone know

I'll buy mag and vanquish

MrBeatdown2523d ago

Unfortunately this is another case of an author not having a clue what he is talking about.

Target clearance prices vary by store and isn't online. The company decides what can go on clearance, but it's up to the individual store to decide whether to actually put it on clearance. Games drop to 30% off, then 50% off, then finally 75% off, assuming they last that long. I went to Target last night and they had one copy of Sly for $20.98, which is 30% off the original price of $30. There was no Vanquish or MAG. What your Target has on clearance and for what price is basically up to the store.

DlocDaBudSmoka2523d ago

i concur. i went to target and found iron man 2 for the insane price of $4.98. So i bought it for my son who hounded me for it for months. thing is, he doesnt even play it.

El_Colombiano2523d ago

Must be in the clearance section. That's always almost hidden in the back of the store. Only way to know is to go check yourself.

Sarcasmology2524d ago

MAG is only $10 if you pick up one of those controller bundles.

JellyJelly2524d ago

I got Vanquish a while ago but haven't had time to play it yet. Seems incredible. Been busy with L.A Noire and Dirt 3 but I can't wait to give it a go.

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The story is too old to be commented.