The 10 Best Arcade Games on PS3 and 360

Megabits of Gaming: "Arcade games on the PS3 and 360 have truly been a shining light for this generation of machines. While certain triple-A titles begin to stagnate, scared to change due to the pressure of selling huge numbers, it's refreshing to see that, free of those shackles, imagination and creativity can still flourish and bloom and we can all be reminded of what it's like to play games in their purest, uncluttered form."

Here are the 10 best Arcade games on PS3 and 360

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Bojeeva2608d ago

Flower and limbo were amazing!

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2608d ago

Now if only i can download some of these on the Ps store lol.

Yi-Long2608d ago

... the excellent Super Meat Boy isn't on this list.

Could very well be my favourite game this generation, and an instant platforming classic! brilliant brilliant game!

ilomilo deserves as mention as well btw. Great and cute puzzle game. Awesome visuals, brilliant characters, great music, and fantastic gameplay.

MaxXAttaxX2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

Castle Crashers, Super Stardust HD or Flower, PixelJunk Shooter/Monsters/Eden, Flow or (one of my personal faves) Dead Nation?

Tortilla2608d ago

I would have put Trials HD in the top 10. For such a small amount of money compared with a full price release, I've spent so many hours playing it. Recommended!!!

Reiko2608d ago

Hated Trials and it was the biggest waste of money I've ever spent. just too hard and couldn't get very far at all. On a bad day, a few controllers would have had short lives

Reiko2608d ago

Definitely Flower. Never have a I played a game as a petal before. I can honestly say it was a brilliant, if short, experience. And what about Joe Danger????

thrasherv32608d ago

No Torchlight? For the price of a CoD map pack you get an amazing dungeon crawler and excellent port from the PC.

RedPawn2608d ago

I want
Dead Nation
Islands of Wakfu
Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet
Bit.Trip Runner
Lost Winds
Soul of Darkness? (I think think that's that Casttlevania style game)
Gaurdian of light
New Blood Reign.
Arcana Heart 3
Trine 2
BattleRock Theater

Did I miss anymore?

Yi-Long2608d ago

... Fez could turn out to be a nice little game.

From Dust could also be a good game.

BenEViolent2608d ago

"Did I miss anymore?"

The point of the article maybe,

Ba-dum Tssh!

RedPawn2608d ago

Yeah, I answered on my own accord, on what DLGs I wanted, and we should be on the look out for.

Sad horn fade, (Waah wah waaaaaaaah.)

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