PS3 Version Of FFXIV To Get A Graphical Upgrade

In the May 2011 issue of the Japanese publication, Dengeki PlayStation magazine, director Naoki Yoshida spoke very briefly about Final Fantasy XIV on the PS3.

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sinncross2610d ago

hmmm ok then. so i guess a 2012 release.

Kamikaze1352610d ago

Definitely not 2011. That's for sure. There's not a lot of content and they're working on way too many tweaks and changes at the moment for the PC version.

solideagle12609d ago

i think this game bombed on PC so it might come to 360 as well because they want to get more sales and on 360 it might sell more...


Reibooi2610d ago

I would say late 2011 but more likely early 2012. It's interesting to see that they are saying the PS3 version will have a graphical upgrade when the PC version is a resource hog and bogs on some really power systems because of how badly coded it is. Perhaps they are going to be fixing that on both versions allowing them to make the PS3 version look a bit better and have the PC version run a bit smoother.

KiWi17112610d ago

I really do hope they get this game sorted out.
I've been wanting to play it since release but from all the videos and articles available leaving a VERY bad taste in my mouth, I've been holding out on it.

yamzilla2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

yeah it won't

it will be sub hd with jaggies all over running at 20-30 frames

why do these people lie

it will look 6 years old compared to the pc version!!

If you believe this article I have some real estate on the moon to sell you...

pm me for info


the article states nothing about the ps3's graphics btw, just the idiotic title, here is the full article

"While the PC version of Final Fantasy XIV undergoes extensive improvements, we’ve heard very little news regarding the PS3 version of Square Enix’s mmorpg.

In the May 2011 issue of the Japanese publication, Dengeki PlayStation magazine, director Naoki Yoshida spoke very briefly about FFXIV on the PS3, only saying that they’re working to uprade the game’s graphics on the system.

Yoshida-san and the FFXIV development team are currently working hard to improve the PC version of the mmorpg before releasing the much delayed PS3 version. "

There will not even be a ps3 version, and if there is, it will look like ffxi, in other words, crap!

waterboy2610d ago

atleast it wont be on a tiny screen though

1PC2PS333602610d ago

my pc is hooked up to a 54"

i actually have my consoles in the bedroom hooked up to a 40" 1080p because they look like SHIT on anything can only strech sub-hd/720p so far

shoot, some console games are like 540p

KeiserSosay47882610d ago

yeah, my PC is hooked up to a 40" Samsung

fluffydelusions2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

mine is hooked to a 32"

reynod2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

Lol waterboy got owned. I dont owna console i got 2 pcs in fact.

A monster rig for my primary gaming and a HTPC hooked up to my bedroom 46inch tv. 1080p glore every where i game ;-)

Louis_Guzman2609d ago

@reynod: It won't make your penis bigger.

maxcer2609d ago

42" sharp aquos

the game looks pretty but it plays like shit, i was in the beta and FFXI is still miles better than FFXIV.

you can't make a shitty game better with improved graphics. the game is simply ass backwards. IMO japan has lost the ability to make console games, that's why all they make these days are handheld games that mimc the last generations tech.

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ALFAxD_CENTAURO2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

Another MMORPG for PS3, great, that is what is needed, variety.

helghast1022609d ago

This is what? The THIRD MMORPG for PS3?
Im looking forward to the "fixed" version of FFXIV myself

coryok2610d ago

ive been waiting for them to bring this up to snuff, i already have it on pc and havnt been playing it much, its still fun to get on and do the little events that they give you every other day or so but they need to fix a few things. if i end up playing more after their next few updates ill be buying on ps3, thats where i like to play games the most

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