Final Fantasy V Masters Job As PSN Download In North America

In addition to Final Fantasy VI and Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy V will wander onto PlayStation Network in North America.

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just_sayin2394d ago (Edited 2394d ago )

Now put 1-4 on psn so i can have all the best ff on my ps3 next to 7,8,9,and tactics.

bwazy2393d ago

Do want.

However I'd LOVE a FFX HD remake :D

Relientk772393d ago

Sweet definitely awesome

LordLaguz2393d ago

My favorite FF in my ps3? awesome!

clearelite2392d ago

Awesome! I didn't even know Chrono Trigger was coming to PSN. I have been meaning to play these games for ages. I will be picking up Alundra as well and many others. Not to mention the free Wipeout HD and Infamous.
...Infamous 2 right around the corner, etc. and it gets better and better.
Good stuff....

just_sayin2392d ago

I have alundra on my ps3 man that game is still hard. I myself want threads of fate and suikoden off the network

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