Do collecting Trophies and Achievements turn Addictive

GamerFitNation's Gregory Laporte talks about the addictive behavior that trophies and achievements can instill into gamers.

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Nitrowolf22608d ago

I find collecting them really addicting. People say that they don't add any value but thats not true. They add a lot of replay value to the games. If it weren't for trophies in LA Noir i wouldn't even bother continuing after all the street crimes. It gives a game more reason to play it IMO. Not all games need them, but certainly for open world games they make it worth going the extra mile, especially when unlocks in-game aren't as common as they were last gen.

solidjun52608d ago

same here. I'm trying to Plat DeadSpace 2. I doubt anyone would attempt Hardcore mode (3 saves only! GTFO!!) but it's okay. It's fun plus a good challenge.

soundslike2608d ago

The problem with your logic is that you assume that the game doesn't already have a reason to be replayed. EG: Finding Packages in Vice City to get weapons and vehicles stockpiled at your house. GTAIV, you got a trophy/achievement for finding the pidgeons?

That's a step backwards for gaming in any game that relies on trophies as a reward in and of itself.

Its the games job to reward to the player for going back and playing again, and not just simply cop-out with a sound effect, graphic, and timestamp.

Having both is ideal, but it needs to have at least the in-game replay rewards first. Uncharted does this well, you don't just get a trophy for finding treasures, you get money to unlock things.

Nitrowolf22608d ago


I'll agree with that. I think devs are getting a bit lazy and just tacking trophies/achievements on. These exact same things we do to earn them use to earn us in-game material. That stuff has died out though and moved towards DLC. Uncharted devs know what they are doing.

tehpees32608d ago

you can get so occupied on trophies you fail to play games for fun anymore. happened to my friend

solidjun52608d ago

I think some people do that. But for me, like me, I play the game for fun first go around and if I really like the game, I continue on and try to get everything, including items, best weapon and trophies. Essentially what's included. Now, if it's online trophies where it's ridiculous, then that's not really fun. I think about Killzone 2 trophies. :-/

Redempteur2608d ago


you do get something for the pigeons in GTA4 .it is a requirement for the 100% trophy

NukaCola2608d ago

Getting trophies for playing a game is cool and all but I want creativity. Ghostbusters had riddles in some of there trophies. They shouldn't be fot 100 headshots or chapter completion, but silliness or exploration..

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b163o12608d ago

I'm addicted, I've actually gone back and played my old games to get platinum trophies. I don't buy the game for the trophies, but to beat a game and to only have like 39% of trophies it's like what the hell did I miss, and that's when I go back and start to chase

Kalowest2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )


xPhearR3dx2608d ago

Yup, I can't explain it but it is. Which is why I'm sitting at 82,000+ GS. I'm a level 8 on PS3, but I don't really go for Trophies like I do Achievements on Xbox. Probably because I've done so much on 360 that I'm to lazy to do the same on my PS3 lol

xtheownerzx2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

I was an achievement hoarder at first, but when trophies came out something clicked and i couldn't stop. Ask all my friends they will tell you I had a problem LOL

crider7712608d ago

I think I'm starting to find there a little 2 addictive. Its hard for me not to play games without trophy support. Games like Heavenly Sword, i've heard nothing but good things about this game yet I cant bring myself to purchase it because no trophy support. Yet i'm willing to invest in the crappy movie tie-in Terminator Salvation because of all the gold trophies. I think I need TA.

sorceror1712607d ago

Nah, only if you go for the Hannah Montana trophies are you *really* addicted.

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