MediaKick Review: DiRT 3

"The DiRT Tour is where the bulk of the action takes place. Spread out over four seasons and multiple tours, players will assume the role of themselves to compete in a variety of races and the new addition of Gymkhana events to become a rally legend. Proving your worth across a range of disciplines; from traditional point-to-point rally time trials through the blizzards of Norway, to rallycross battles in the scorching heat of the L.A. Coliseum, even in head-to-head sprints on the famous Monaco circuit. Whilst the rally events fail to have a suitable variety of length, with most finishing in under three minutes, their enjoyment is indisputable, whilst ensuring that a sense of competition is never lost."

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bumnut2671d ago

The handling has no feel to it, infact the game is just the same as the other dirt games really.

6/10 imo