Asus will launch Mars II graphics card behemoth with dual Nvidia GeForce GTX 580s at Computex

If the GeForce GTX 590 graphics card, which combines two GPUs on a single card, just isn’t enough for Nvidia fanboys, Asus is riding to the rescue with its forthcoming Mars II monster unit. Reportedly set to launch next month at Computex, the card will likewise fuse two GF110 GPUs to compete against AMD’s dual-GPU Radeon HD 6990.

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Substance1012612d ago

People buying these would like to play on multiple monitors. I would say they would have to load up these with 6 gigs of ram atleast, 3gb ram on each GPU so it can handle resolutions like 5760*1080 with ultra textures and 4x-8x AA.

Imagine having 2 of those in SLI, 12GBs of video ram rofl.

iamgoatman2612d ago

VRAM doesn't double when you SLI/Crossfire GPU's, so running one of these cards you're still limited to 3GB.

Also you don't need anywhere near 6GB of VRAM to run multiple screen set ups.

Substance1012612d ago

I personally have 580GTX in sli on 3 screens mate. Each gpu has 1.5gb memory. However its not enough when i want to run a game in 5760*1080 with anything above 4x AA.

Due to Nvidias architecture they may only use 1.5gigs or jump to 3gigs per gpu.

For a card like this 1.5gig per gpu (3gig overall) isnt really enough. 3 Gig per gpu is whats really needed for a GPU like this (6 gig overall) if the buyer really is thinking about multiscreen gaming and money is no object.

TheTruth892612d ago

holy shit!

this card will be outdated in 10 years, lol

kramun2612d ago

All graphics cards released this year will be outdated in 10 years. Talk about stating the obvious.

Kakkoii2612d ago

I think your joke-o-meter is broken..

kramun2612d ago

Yeah,I'm a bit cranky today. Kinda missed it.

MasterCornholio2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

Expensive but they should last at least 8 years.


Mutley4162612d ago

so want a new many sweet looking cases to put that baby in....

Catatafish2611d ago

Better hurry up then only 1000 being made ever.

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