What I Learned: L.A. Noire

If you don't know anything about the 1940's then L.A. Noire may have misled you a little bit.

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Enfilade2556d ago

Great article. Very funny. I can attest to all of this having just completed the game.

xVeZx2555d ago

i was never into shows like csi and law and order until i played this i know why those shows have been on the air for as long as they have....they are great

featherbottom2555d ago

Spectacularly crap article. Here I was thinking it would be about the historical inaccuracies shown in the game, coupled with their appropriate facts; and instead I get some weak attempt at humour.

Elwenil2555d ago

Yeah, I was expecting something with some factual basis and then some comedy added for flavor. This is just crap with no direction. I was at least expecting some sort of comment on the set of "Intolerance" being in LA in 1947 when it was really torn down in 1919. ;D

joab7772555d ago

I guess I'm w you on a few...though they are part of the game...problems like Evey other game we give 10's to. And yes, many ppl did write in matchbooks. Everyone smoked, got free matches and used it to write shit in. The stenographer things stupid...its to help u. Also, remember this, a)its a game and b),i don't think anyone would ever believe this is exactly like 1940's LA...u know why? It goes to so many other articles talking about its restrictions, lack of deep story involving Phelps etc. But, it is a Noire game based in the Noire genre, mirroring old Noire tv and film. If i guess they could arraigned it exactly like gta, given more freedom but remember, its not a gta game. Its not rockstar's game. Its their structure, but the creators used it to build a Noire game w rockstar's guidance, help,and money. I believe the reason its not open is that they wanted to focus on the story, like Noire. But, they gave us a free roam. My only problem is that i want to keep playing as Phelps until he becomes mayor or retires. I want more.

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