FIFA 12: new screenshot for the Champions League final

For the Champions League final between Manchester Utd and Barça, the FIFA team has released this new screenshot which shows the two teams that tonight will contest the roof of Europe. Who will win the day? In the meantime, enjoy the picture;)

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LakerGamerEnthusiast2553d ago

the champions league final is going to be awesome! Manchester all the way! i would have to say that this is the game of the decade! =D

red2tango2553d ago

lol @ Berbatov being in the picture. and since when is blogspot allowed, who approves these things?

Nes_Daze2552d ago

great game, and Barcelona are champs!

mikiberto232552d ago

Barça wins Uefa Champions League!

Pintheshadows2552d ago

It would of been better if they had waited and released a picture of Rio's agonised face.