Grand Theft Auto IV Gets A Google Maps Make-Over

Thanks to the fantastic Grand Theft Auto IV fans and the GTA fan-site, there is now a cool little program that let's you view Liberty City (the venue for Grand Theft Auto IV) from a Google Maps perspective! This was done through the fans at, submitting over....

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DLKyle2609d ago

Yeah I love it when a community does this.

I imagine the people at Rockstar must love this the most, it must be nice having such a dedicated fanbase.

Omar1st2609d ago

I must say Im quite impressed. Its awesome. Good job guys.

RyuDrinksTheDew2609d ago

that is amazing!

i didnt think it would be that awesome haha.

i looked through it for a good 15 minutes.

T-K47x2609d ago

That is amazing must have taken ages, all the street map views aswell wow.

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