Timing the new Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4 release Earlier this month we looked at how the next-generation of games consoles could end as we know them today, and if not then the PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720, as its known, will be the last of their kind. Since then we’ve seen some official confirmation that the Sony PS4 has started development, which means Microsoft would be doing the same, or would be about to.
One problem for Sony and Microsoft is to time the release of these next-gen systems, not only to compete with each other and get the hardware almost correct first time around, but also making sure the majority of current owners are ready to upgrade.

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milohighclub2638d ago

Im ready and have been for about a year or so now. Really wish I didn't have to wait a few more years!

S_C2638d ago

Same here im ready aswell, i dont know why but i have a sneaky fealing that we are going to get some info on the next gen systems at this years E3. Sony has got a 5 hour confrence and the history of their past console releases all fit into place;
Playstation 1 - 1995
Playstation 2 - 2000
Playstation 3 - 2006
Playstation 4 - 2012 ? ?

and i got a feeling that microsoft are not going to sit around waiting for sony to release a console, they are going to want to get out infront of sony like they did with this gen. And for the people that say they have only just spent a huge budget on kinect. kinect is a usb device that will just simply plug into the nexg gen console.

I hope that both systems come out soon as this gen is starting to get stale.

fluffydelusions2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

I'm sure it will go like this. Wii2->720->PS4 Obviously names may be different but that seems like the order they will release. I don't think Sony will announce anything this year but MS may and we all know Nintendo will be.

blumatt2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

I personally hope that MS and Sony release them at the same time. Then, we can really see which brand holds the most weight. I also hope the PS4 launches at $400 or so. That would guarantee it does great.

EVILDEAD3602638d ago

Bottomline..720 will be shown at next years E3 for a 2013 launch. It would be counter productive to announce it this year. PS3 may emulate this path as well but only if they have a horrible holiday and NGP doesnt do big numbers

DeadlyFire2637d ago

I say PS4/Xbox 3 will be ready to launch in 2012/2013. E3 the year before it will be shown off.

Now that we all know Nintendo has a new console. First to announce is an important theme for next gen consoles. Its very likely Sony and Microsoft both are going to at least very strongly hint of a next generation console coming at this year's E3.

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Persistantthug2638d ago

It's because, typically, in the past, it was always time to start the new gen going approx. when the consoles start getting emulated on the PC.

That hasn't happened and we aren't even close to that happening at this time.

Some might ask, "why is that important" or "why does it matter about PC emulation in the past".

Because I don't want to spend 4, 5 and $600 for a new console that's only incrementally better than what we have now....that just doesn't make sense.

When I see that PC's can actually start emulating at least 1 XBOX 360 game fairly well, then I'll start warming up to the idea of new HD consoles from MS and Sony.

That's how I feel about it, anyways.

milohighclub2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

@S_c. I've had that feeling 2, I can't see Sony and m$ sitting around letting Nintendo take sales or have the most powerful console on the market. its not a good business move and I'm sure Sony will want to do all they can to keep investors happy, especially after the whole psn crap.
If not this E3 then in Tokyo at the end of the year. I reckon uncharted 4 will ship with it along with kz4 and r4. If I'm right then that means nd will have dev kits by the time u3 is released, if they don't all ready have 'em. I'm pretty sure there was a rumour at the end of last year stating that Sony devs already had kits.

@persistantthug. I'm sure they won't release the console unless its a significant leap. As they can't afford for people not to buy it.

Persistantthug2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

They got their hands full just trying to figure out how they're gonna handle this NGP/PSP2 thing.

And why in the world would talking about launching new console hardware keep investors happy? If anything that would make them angry. Sony's lost Sooooo much money already, they would probably call for someone's head if they were trying to spend more money on a new console system right now.

Sony's always in a perpetual state of R&D....they're a top flight hardware company, afterall.

But R&D's one thing.....actually displaying and setting a date in a turbulent economy is quite another.

milohighclub2637d ago

Because if they dont, they will effectively be sitting back whilst another company races forward into the next gen stealing potential custom from Sony I don't think that will please investors.

death2smoochie2638d ago

The release of the Xbox720 or PS4 will be mostly determined how successful the Wii2 is. If the Wii2 turns out to be substantially more powerful than the Xbox360 and PS3 and sales are strong, MS and Sony will bump up their release time lines.

cliffbo2638d ago

i really hope sony dont release the ps4 till it is a worthy successor to there ps3 i dont want them to rush it out just to be first to release, i would rather pay more to have a true next gen machine than just a slight upgrade.

fluffydelusions2638d ago

Comparing the tech in the 360/PS3 to that of modern day components in even a low to midrange PC is hardly a "slight" upgrade.

zackacloud2638d ago

I WANT PS4 IN 2012-2013

but sony have a lot of projects same as HD collections of psp and ps2

london studio have games

KH3 , FFXIV , GOW4 , the last guardian , FF Versus XIII etc.

But I hope the end of default time of ps3 will be by Versus XIII and The last guardian.

Same as the end of default time of ps2 was by FFXII and Shadow of clousses.

So by team ico and Square Enix.

I not mean 'end' partically but u know all the view for new consoles.

(sorry about bad english grammer)

1PC2PS333602638d ago


go back in time and release in 2010

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