Tales of Xillia PlayStation 3 Bundle, Package Art and Pre-order Bonus DLC

Here's even more news from the Tales of Festival 2011. Namco Bandai will be releasing a Tales of Xillia themed PlayStation 3 console. The game's box-art has also been released, and those who will pre-order will get Tales costume DLCs.


Gameplay video showing the pre-order bonus costumes.

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sinncross2671d ago

That is absolutely gorgeious. love the red for the PS3 logo. nice artwork too

KiasuKiasiMan2671d ago

Both the PS3 and Box Art look awesome.

Darth Stewie2671d ago (Edited 2671d ago )

That PS3 looks awesome. I wonder why Japan gets the special PS3's (FF13 Pinkish PS3 w/Lightning on it ,Yakuza PS3 w/Dragon on it, GT5 Blue PS3, Advent Child PS3, etc) The only one the US got was for MGS4.

sinncross2671d ago

Yeah it is a pity. Maybe because it is the smallest market so they can get away with making a limited supply of these special PS3's.

I think, at the bery least, that Sony should consideri having the PS3 logo colour changed to represent special edition PS3's in the West (like the red in this one), just to spice things up.

For instance, MW3 has this green colour going for its branding... if a MW3 console bundle is made have the PS3 in green or something.

At the very least this could create varients.

Pintheshadows2671d ago

Cool idea. Wouldn't be that expensive to do either.

BizDaWolf2671d ago

is this coming to the U.S.

a7452671d ago

No news on that yet.

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