Amazing CryEngine 3 Screenshots Show New Fantasy Area

PC Games released some stunning fantasy shots based on Cryteks CryEngine 3. The screenshots show the new gaming location Baboon's Cascades, that will include in Forged by Chaos, the upcoming online game from Panzar Studios.

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hennessey862608d ago

That what the next gen needs to look like.

Tachyon_Nova2608d ago

This game really is a beautiful mix of artistic and realistic graphics.

UnbiasedGamer2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

Kingdoms ..Xbox 360 Exclusive will look like this? :P

BeastlyRig2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

Please don't brag about kinect games..

I wouldn't pay $150 for a camera to play kindoms.

limewax2608d ago

Off topic: Does the CryEngine 3 SDK come with Crysis 2? like with the original Crysis

UnbiasedGamer2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

when Kingdoms is revealed and it has that sort of graphical fedility. Oh my...Xbox going to have the best looking game because Crysis 2 graphic was amazing too.

Catatafish2608d ago

Use the /s tag unless you don't like you current bubble count lol...

Unless you mean that, then shame.

awiseman2608d ago

I doubt it will look that good son. This footage is of the pc. which is eons ahead of the ps3 and x360.

Kon2608d ago


No one cares about you.

caboose322608d ago

HEY! BeastleyRig is a gentleman and a scholar! Fuck off.

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Catatafish2608d ago

This is what the current gen already looks like?

Seems only consoles are lagging behind in yesterday.

Vherostar2608d ago

Screens still too small on that site to really see any detail.

IGAMEHARD2607d ago

so sick of cryengine screens, and screens in general, they mean absolutely nothing, people are so dumb

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Wizziokid2608d ago

that is amazing, can't wait for the next gen consoles

Catatafish2608d ago

They still won't run it looking anything lie this.


Now its just a matter of time before somebody makes a good game out of this.


Looks pants compared to the first game and the first game was much better except in terms of narration.

Quagmire2608d ago

Pics or it didnt happen

fluffydelusions2608d ago

Pics/Videos are on the internet. You can easily search for yourself?

KeiserSosay47882608d ago

Umm....Actually, The Witcher 2 has pretty much ruined EVERY other games graphical fidelity for me. Everything else looks like crap now. Same thing happened with Crysis.

Vherostar2608d ago

On PC yeah thats the point this is posted in console sections for some reason?

zeal0us2608d ago

get the feeling china or korea will be seeing this game first b4 anyone else.

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The story is too old to be commented.