Meristation: inFamous 2 Review

We can not deny that we approach this Infamous 2 with some reluctance. No reason to doubt its quality since the first well showed what could give the franchise itself, but because Sucker Punch was not an easy task to try to raise the bar. Moving from a game notable for an outstanding, especially when we have a very direct then, is a challenge even more complicated. But they have succeeded. Taking note of everything that worked in the first game, amending that no terms of taste and seasoned with their own innovations, they have managed to turn your creature into a must for PlayStation 3.

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ElDorado2672d ago

Why would someone disagree with gravemaker? He is saying he can't wait, who is the dumbass who give him a disagree. Annoying trolls all over the place.

redDevil872672d ago

Makes IGN's written review look like it was written for little kiddies

Baba19062672d ago

yay =D good i preordered the hero edition =D looks like it will be worth it =D.

LarVanian2672d ago

Where are the rest of the reviews?

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