Angry Joe: L.A. Noire Review

Angry Joe is transported to the 1940′s where he has to both review L.A. Noire and dodge a crafty detective hired to snuff him out before he can review anymore games. Can Rockstar’s latest period piece live up to the hype?

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Kon2676d ago

I am the only one who hates this guy?


You should spend less time dealing with things you hate and focus on what you like.

Godmars2902676d ago

Oddly enough, the same could be said of Angry Joe.

morganfell2676d ago

I am enjoying LA Noire but it definitely isn't a 10/10. One of my favorite moments so far is chasing a suspect in a car through some narrow alleys. My partner tells me to ram him. He also says get close and he'll shoot out the tires.

I not only close the distance but I actually cut the guy off and block the narrow alleyway. The suspect's car then climbs over our vehicle like a monster truck but without damaging us and continues to drive away. The scene blinks and suddenly my partner and I are standing 20 feet from our car which is still sideways in the alley. And I can repeat that incident at will.

In GTA4 as well as games such as Mafia II there are chases on foot and in vehicle where I am unsure as to when I can catch the target. When I first ran the mission in GTA4 where you are after Vlad I never felt it would end in an interactive cutscene at the construction site.

There were plenty of moments I thought I would catch him prior. Other chases in the game you can actually end at different times. But in LA Noire I have watch cars suddenly activate rocket power and fly away in maneuvers as if they are on a rail. The same is true for some runners. It definitely could have been handled in a less obvious manner.