Battlefield 3: 'Some Destruction Scripted' - DICE

NowGamer: DICE has detailed the three main types of destruction in Battlefield 3, confirming that set-pieces - like MW3 - will be largely scripted...

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Wizziokid2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

only major set pieces in campaign e.g the earthquake.

movements2610d ago

OH I see. It's not only MW3 eh? Haha. Show me console footage dice.

Wizziokid2610d ago

unlike MW3 BF3 has destruction which isn't scripted obviously...

don't try and compare the two.

Caleb_1412610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

Well if you want something to happen consistently in a SP mission its going to have to be scripted isn't it?

If you want a plane to crash into the ground, so that the player has to go and rescue him as part of a mission - that is scripted.

If things weren't scripted, there would be no consistency - I mean, come on. Use your brain here.

The difference between MW3 and BF3 is that the majority of destruction in the BF3 is unscripted, whereas with MW3 it will be all scripted (unless you count 'shooting glass' - anyone else remember how Robert Bowling said "we have great glass in MW2" f**king lol)

NiKK_4192610d ago

i don't care if some is scripted, if that is what will work best, go ahead dice, i want this game to work the best it can

ndl15312610d ago

play bf bc2 and see what destruction really is . judging by bc2 i have full faith in dice to deliver destruction in bf3

KrystofKage12610d ago


Bingo. Major story events will always be scripted, no matter what. However, how you get from Point A to Point B is where the game really shines. Battlefield you can drive through the narrow roads in town and try to shoot your way through. Or you can level a few buildings and take a short cut. The possibilities are endless. No such freedom exists in any shooters today.

aCasualGamer2610d ago

BF3 has almost all destruction non-scripted. It's the large scale set pieces that get scripted destructibility, which is understandable.

COD games only have scripted destructibility, on a second thought... i'm not even sure those games have any destructibility.

Heartnet2610d ago

haha now compared to CoD how many pepole are going to support this haha :)

iamnsuperman2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

Finally people can stop using the unscripted vrs scripted argument for comparing COD and BF3. @Movements I agree I want to see console footage too to make a judgement. To everyone already saying BF3 will be better than COD please wait for gameplay footage because at the moment for consoles imo they are neck and neck because we haven't seen console footage for BF3 and for COD e have seen one console (could be engine driven) trailer. This fanboy war is the most stupid war. At the moment I am not going to get either until I get more information

edit: I know BF will use non scripted destruction for small buildings but people saying we can blow down skyscrapers was so stupid. Do not believe everything you see in a trailer

Speakindatruth2610d ago

So stop hating, unless you're that oddball PC gamer.

jjohan352610d ago

I just hope BF3's single player will be entertaining. Bad Company 1 and 2 single player campaigns were average at best, even though their online multiplayer were fun.

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Wait so r u gonna buy a game based on destruction!!..What happened to the fun factor????

We all know BF3 will b better than COD MW3 but COD MW3 is where the fun factor will b...Hate it or love it COD has the best Online Fun factor for an FPS this gen. I enjoyed killzone 3 wen it came out but it did not last long and i went back to playing COD black ops.

awiseman2610d ago

Yes but Destruction is what battlefield is known for since Bad Campany 2, and I dont want anything less.

tmoss7262610d ago

More like "piss me off because the game is so unbalanced" factor.

Heartnet2610d ago


Dont blame the game cuz u suck :)

Also Red Faction has better Destruction so :O yeh :)

gijsbrecht2609d ago

@ Blackboijones
I'm just curious what this fun factor is in Black Ops you're talking about. You run around, shooting stuff. Not much different than other shooters. Only you are doing it in a bland world of mediocre graphics and poorly executed death animations. For some reason kills don't have much of an impact; as opposed to KZ for instance where a kill is much more satisfying. And more fun in my book.

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skyward2610d ago

Still a little worried about how this might look on consoles...

Wizziokid2610d ago

I'm sure it will be fine BC2 was fine so it shows DICE can work with consoles, obviously it won't be as amazing as the PC counterpart but I think it will still look amazing.

starcb262610d ago

I hope they fix the screen tearing and pop in BFBC2 had.

xYLeinen2610d ago

Seing how Crysis 2 look on consoles I have no doubt DICE will be able to compare themselves with that Crytek did.

BeardyKaiji2610d ago

I'd be happy with graphics on-par with BFBC2 on consoles, although I'm pretty sure BF3 will look better.

MWong2610d ago

The graphics will probably look better than compared to BC2. I really want to see what MW3 environmental destruction is going to look like for MP. We already know BF3 will have great unscripted destruction for MP.

Rainstorm812610d ago


Boxes, glass and scattered papers.....Id be shocked to see any structural damage in the MP

Jack-H2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )


Jack-H2610d ago

I agree. BC2 was alright graphically, certain parts did look really good. But overall it was the awesome gameplay that won me over over the sub-par(imo) graphics. But after seeing the BF3 footage for the pc I have to say my hopes are really high. I will get it and love it no matter what, I'm sure. But I would like some awesome graphics.

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a08andan2610d ago

Things like this is why I want next-gen consoles! They will be able to have much more of non-scripted destruction and other features that takes a lot of power :) Destructibility is an "expensive" feature.

Wizziokid2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

hopefully with next gen console we can see the next BF go up to 64 players the same as PC, if not higher without having to lower other settings i.e graphics.

either way PC will always be ahead, if I had the money I would build a PC and keep it up to date as much as I could, sadly I'm not that rich.

death2smoochie2610d ago

You don't have to be rich to build a gaming rig that will play all games out now in high detail.

KrystofKage12610d ago

It's scripted in the game for storyline purposes. No matter if its 5 years ago or 5 years from now, all games will need to have scripted events at some points in order to tell a story.

Either way, after watching the trailer, it's pretty convincing how it was scripted. Unlike games such as Homefront with invisible walls, christ what a terrible design decision.

xtreampro_REVENGE!2610d ago

wow this dumb idiot took out a small snippet from that PAWN episode and uses it as a bait. The only parts that will be scripted are cut-scenes THAT'S IT!

Everything else is on the fly real-time destruction.

dragonelite2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

Yeah explain the debris warping from space time middle top of the screen.

Could be the gif software cut some frames so yeah.

xtreampro_REVENGE!2610d ago

That looks like a glitch, glitches only occur when everything happening in REAL-TIME!

And how does that prove it's all scripted when the player is clearly blasting a random building?

funkyroy2610d ago

I know this is a stupid question, but what in the world does ''scripted'' mean?!

AKissFromDaddy2610d ago

Scripted means something will happen the same way all the time because the dev team wants it to happen.

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