In the Spotlight - Ethan Mars ( writes:

"How far would YOU go to save someone you love? Right now, we’re not too sure, but if there’s one person who can state in unequivocal terms what they’d be prepared to put themselves through to save a loved one, its Heavy Rain’s Ethan Mars. Indeed, this is one bloke we don’t envy, yet concurrently, admire most profusely. Why? Because the guy’s got balls."

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Quagmire2676d ago

Hi, Im detective Naaaahmmuunnn Jayyyydunnnn

Reibooi2676d ago

I could not stand him. I loved Heavy Rain but I hated Ethan. Mainly because his voice actor was terrible and he just didn't deliver on most of the most emotional lines(he got better towards the end but still not nearly as good as he should have been or nearly as good as any of the others) Not to mention his kids were far and away the most annoying thing about the game.

Uncharted3Goty2676d ago

these man is my Hero i am not even Joking these man has showed us what a real father would do for his Son.

Quagmire2676d ago

The part where he had to...remove a part of his being, I cringed.

Uncharted3Goty2676d ago

I agree bro that part good me to he had to cut his finger and many more dangerous things just to save his son what a real father these man is alot can learn from these guy.