Inside PSN - Weekly Recap (May 23 - 27, 2011) ( writes:

"Welcome to our weekly recap pertaining to all things Inside PlayStation Network. Every MON-FRI, PSU shines the spotlight on a piece of content plucked from the digital delights of Sony’s online service, be it a chunk of DLC, PSOne Classic or regular PSN release. In case you missed out on any of this week’s entries, here’s your chance to catch up and see what titles we dissected under the microscope."

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beavis4play2608d ago

why not tell us when the damn store is going to be back up? it makes NO sense to do these updates when we can't even access it.

lil Titan2608d ago

This is almost like a punch in the nuts, it's like there saying "IF the store WAS open, this is what you would get...but it's not."

beavis4play2608d ago

hell, yea! a BIG punch in the nuts. i'm wanting to get CotD zombie map (when it releases for ps3) but won't be able to if they don't get the store up!
it's really hard to figure - online play is back but the store is still down?

come on, sony!

DigitalHorror812608d ago

I still find it hard to believe that the store has been down for well over a month. It'll be a month and almost two weeks if it's up by the 31st.

Come on, Sony!

jimmywolf2608d ago

when ps online was still down their was a leaked comment saying everything would be back up may 31 at the time sound like bs now it coming up am sure it true