Dead Island official cover

Here is the official cover for dead island as showed on the French retailer

It's listed as a limited edition so we ca presumed there will be some DLCs as Bonuses.

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Kran1890d ago

Ooooo. I dont think this box art will be allowed to be shown on the shelves in public. Its so grusome parents will complain or the media will. You just know it will.

fryday1889d ago

That's what they want, free advertising ;-)

Kee1889d ago

It's true. Nothing like a bit of controversy to publicise your game.

fatalis951889d ago

might be a top shelf game.

Pozzle1890d ago

What on earth is up with this site's atrocious grammar? Fair enough if English is the author's second language, but there's no excuse for not capitalizing game titles and not finishing certain words.

(Oh, and the boxart's pretty cool.)

_LarZen_1890d ago

Look's realy nice, wil prob be other cover in the US becaus of crazy people.

But in EU this could be used, hope so since its awesome :)

fossilfern1889d ago

I hope it will be use too but papers like the Daily Mail will find something wrong with it. They will probably claim if you stand near it you have a chance of catching cancer

e-p-ayeaH1889d ago

looks cool i see dead people.

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