Leaked Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm teaser – see it here

Its currently on Dailymotion, youtube versions are being pulled constantly, but the cat is kinda out the bag now. Enjoy!

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ATiElite2279d ago

Love The Starcraft 2 cut scenes but.....they make me want a Starcraft FPS/RPG Hybrid

I know I know Starcraft FPS...BLASPHEMY! buh buh it would be made by Blizzard..who can do NO wrong.

captain-obvious2279d ago

this is old and duplicate
but here if you missed it
its still up there

Psychonaughty2279d ago

I would much prefer a 3rd person rpg like Mass Effect 2, loved SC2 still but I'm not really an rts fan just a fan of the universe.

lord_of_balrogs2279d ago

Great CGI as usual Blizzard.

Pandamobile2279d ago

Looks like the in-game cut-scenes from SC2, to be honest.

RaSSS2279d ago

I think those are ingame cutscenes...

El_Colombiano2279d ago

In game. No doubt in my mind.

BeastlyRig2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

Great year for PC red orchestra 2 coming! I am drooling for Arma3 & StarWars next year!

coryok2279d ago

if kerrigan doesnt end up being a badass like in broodwar i will be very disappointed :(

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