Piracy Steals 95% of Microsoft's Revenue in China

Software piracy is a problem for most developers, but Microsoft's CEO has revealed that it's really bad in China.

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news4geeks2550d ago

Slightly misleading title when what it means is "Microsoft's revenue in China is 95 percent less than in the United States."

"The Business Software Alliance announced that 78 percent of software installed on PCs in the country last year was pirated. That wounds pretty appalling until you realize that this number is down from the 86 percent reported in 2005."

Just imagine the potential market in video games if the government encouraged a more liberal society and enforced legal protections for business.

Max_Dissatisfaction2550d ago

LOL I'd say the Chinese people are already pretty liberal...they have already taken the liberty to steal software lol. Joking aside, this is funny

supremacy2550d ago

@news4geeks eitherway you slice it piracy is just a bad practice.

NotSoSilentBob2550d ago

Not like M$ has to worry about going bankrupt over it.

testerg352550d ago

But its bad when someone pirates Sony stuff right?

Apotheosize2550d ago

I think this refers to bootlegs and counterfeits, why buy Windows legit when the guy down the street sells the same thing for cheap

Kon2550d ago

Piracy steals 100% of Microsoft revenue in Brazil. Here piracy is a normal thing. In EVERY street there is someone selling something pirate.

awiseman2550d ago

O went to a market in the Caribbean and all I saw were these guys selling music cds, on rewritable CDS lmao.

btw [email protected]


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The story is too old to be commented.