New Xbox 360 exclusive Action-RPG announced

Gamersmint: Certain Affinity has announced that Crimson Alliance is in development and will be getting an official reveal later today over at the Rooster Teeth Fan Event!

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Karooo2638d ago

Seems exciting, cant wait for more info at e3

Anarki2638d ago

It's nice to see 360 actually getting some exclusives. :)

Oldsnake0072638d ago Show
Anarki2638d ago

That's nice, mr homophobia.

midgard2272638d ago

yeah MS has had an exclusive since reach, and before that it was alan wake. big gaps, and next is gears 3 which is a while still, sux that 360 doesnt have many exclusives, it means I never turn it on.

360 is like a sexy girl wearing a chastity belt, can't touch it unless I have the key, and the key is some freakin exclusives!

Hope this game comes out good, and is not some lame Live arcade game or bad game like too human

AAACE52638d ago

Define exclusive?

If people are only referring to games released on a disc as exclusive, then ok! But 360 has lots of games released in arcade as well.

guitarded772638d ago

I thought it was a sequel to Crimson Skies at first... I almost crapped my pants. Turns out not to be... still interested though.

thats_just_prime2638d ago

action rpg I'm always insterested in those. I hope this one is good

jeseth2638d ago

Sounds cool . .. . can't wait to see more.

I only own a PS3 but I'm a sucker for Action RPG's. Hopefully we get some screens or videos soon.

ShinMaster2638d ago

Because with Xbox 360, "exclusive" can easily mean "timed".

Also, is this an XBLA title?
Did they say they were influenced by COD? for an RPG? Hmmmm

the_best_player2638d ago

still PS3 owns this year with exclusives big time

Biggest2637d ago

Um. . . So what? New Xbox 360 exclusive. No reason for anyone to be here talking about PS3 exclusives.

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lelo2play2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

I wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft announced in E3 ... Witcher 2 console exclusive to X360

Looks like CD Project wants to bring it to consoles.

fluffydelusions2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

I honestly wouldn't rule it out. Porting from PC to 360 is fairly easy although it wouldn't look anywhere near as good as the PC version.

Tex1172638d ago

Since the ESRB already ranked it for XBOX (and not ps3) then this may be a good possiblity.

It makes me bummed being a ps3 owner that I wont be able to play Witcher 2, but oh well. Just wait for Dark Souls! Ps3 and finally Xbox owners will get a solid dose of what hardcore gaming is all about.

KeiserSosay47882638d ago

if MS got Witcher 2 as exclusive, it would be HUGE. I don't see it happening though because of their little hint at a console release. "Ps3-Eventually".... I don't know though. If MS could secure that kind of exclusive it would be great for MS I guess.

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NeoTribe2638d ago

If thats true i really hope its not just xbox. I love me my rpgs's.

2638d ago
PirateThom2638d ago

Console exclusive wasn't even a term until this gen when a certain group of fanboys dictated it so.

It's either exclusive or it's not.

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Masta_Killa2638d ago

"but gets rid of all that tedious backpack rummaging, and boring dialog!"- That's never good.

green2638d ago

Action RPG's are always welcome.

JellyJelly2638d ago

One of my favourite genres. I wouldn't mind something a bit Zelda or Alundra inspired.

NeoTribe2638d ago

Id prefer a diablo inspired rpg IMO.

vishant1012638d ago

fable was zelda inspired well at least the first one, look at the combat style it ws pretty near to zelda

AllroundGamer2638d ago

i would rather see some oldschool turnbase RPGs for a change...

Enate2638d ago

OMG man wtf you telling Xenogears and Suikoden II are still the best.

psb2638d ago

be fun, these guys are good at their jobs and an ARP is just the thing Xbox 360 needs. I would sure tune in tonight and see what they're planning to reveal. The artwork looks fun.

DigitalRaptor2638d ago

Ooh, looks like it's battle of the Action-RPGs:

Adrift vs. Crimson Alliance


Max_Dissatisfaction2638d ago

I'm not going to get excited until I hear that this isn't another XBLA title

cyborg2638d ago

It would be interesting to see how they fare against each other no doubt.

Zir02638d ago

Guess it's not a sequel to Crimson Skies then.