Gamer's Corner: Killzone 3 Review

Gamer's Corner writes, "From a technical standpoint, Killzone 3 is outstanding. The engine throws around the polygons in a way not seen in any other PS3 exclusive, with the possible exception of Uncharted 2. Exclusive games really pay off in this area, optimised to the last drop the hardware can offer. Textures are sharp and the frame rate is rocksolid, despite a little hiccup it had whilst fighting over a bridge escorting tanks. 99% of the time though it's a technological marvel, we just wish Naughty Dog and Guerilla would licence their engines to multiplatform developers."

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Mnemonic-DK2605d ago (Edited 2605d ago )

Sorry, wrong thread.

terrordactyl2605d ago

It is a great game, that 5/10 review on here is just plain ridiculous.

shayol33t2605d ago

It's always for hits....sadly :/

Its fun to watch reviewers try to justify low scores with great reviews or shit reviews with high scores.

thugbob2605d ago

the 5/10 review reflects the Killzone 3 really is. Killzone 2 was such a good game and some how killzone 3 turns out to be a failed attempt at attracting the casual market. Hopefully Killzone 4 is mad strictly for Killzone fans this time around.


Playing on Clans in multiplayer is very great.
We have 46 members already, a lot of fun.

cyborg69712605d ago (Edited 2605d ago )

Huge disappointment from two. If there is a fourth they'd better go back to what made two so great.

RedDead2605d ago

I didn't even play the full game, played the Beta only, beta was a ridiculous disappointment coming from 2. I assume the core mechanics remained the same from the beta.

thugbob2605d ago

Yeah, Killone 2 is better than killzone 3 by far.

Pintheshadows2605d ago

My main bugbear was in SP with the whole Helghan base infiltration the second time round. However I quickly forgot once I got the Jetpack on. Apart from that i'd say it is the best fps so far this year.

I liked Crysis 2 campaign but the multiplayer just made me go "the fuck is this".

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