No Sex in Australia for Geralt and The Witcher II

Poor Geralt of Rivia. After a hard day of killing and pilfering and general sneaking around, all he wants to do is sink a few brews and get lucky with a few ladies. The ladies from the land down under though, are just going to have to wait.

While gamers around the world get it on as only the Witcher knows how, Australians' get a digital block to the cock with a censor that, doesn't remove the offending content, no it simply and automatically says: "no". Most locals would be familiar with the now infamous "Australia says no to violence against women" campaign and it seems the Witcher was listening. Complete the quest, bed the lady in question and be offered the pleasure of her company- and watch in awe as Geralt flatly refuses, choices be damned.

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Catatafish2609d ago

You can always pirate it to show that messing with games only = economic sales loss and lost taxes for the govt.

Plus the whole price gouging crap that came from having to edit our version.

Not happy Jan.

Tony P2609d ago

Yeah, but that also means hurting the devs who have gone far and above to make the uncensored version available to all:

"However if you want the uncensored version, try GoG who have promised that they will not check IPs of country when buying the game. They will only ask which country you are from allowing you to a pick one that isn't censored for digital download."

Just get the game from

Vecta2609d ago

What price gouging? You can buy the game at the same price offered to Europeans or Americans.

In the Australian version there are already 2 other sex scenes in the game that are not censored in any way. Just one quest has a reward as sex and that is the only thing that has been changed, which doesn't justify you pirating the game.

snp2609d ago

What price gouging? You can buy the game at the same price offered to Europeans or Americans.

Probably refering to Steam where it's jacked up an extra $30 if IP is Australian.

BattleAxe2609d ago

Australia is absolutely brutal. Australians need to do something about this.

Jack-Pyro2609d ago

They are, they're finally installing an 18+ Rating, so hopefully this bullshit won't happen anymore.

aaronobst2609d ago

I have been waiting oh so long but have seen no results

artanisrlz2609d ago

The fight for an R+18 rating downunder has been going on for ages. Hopefully its implemented soon, i want to play Mortal Wombat :(

Kon2609d ago

What is wrong with Australia? There must be something wrong with it.

jessupj2609d ago

The politicians are afraid of sex

sonicsidewinder2609d ago

Australia is just Neverland, irl. People must never grow up.

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