Next WWE Game Won't Be Called Smackdown vs. Raw 2012?

A survey was posted on the official WWE Games Facebook page.

Although the survey was about what you thought about their Facebook and Twitter pages, the last sentence on the survey was intriguing.

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OMGitzThatGuy2676d ago

I smell a complete reboot. New engine=new life

Jack-H2676d ago

OOOHHHHH YEEEAAHHHH!!(r.i.p.) Would be cool. I stopped getting wrestling games a few years ago. I still play HCTP.

OMGitzThatGuy2676d ago

i stop after the first Smackdown Vs Raw

Jamegohanssj52676d ago

Nice nice nice. I hope they go back to the tag lines.


the_hitman30002676d ago

i thought they used the havox engine since 09 or 10 or was it just the physics

DeadlyFire2676d ago (Edited 2676d ago )

Should I even try and explain that every developers do this every year. They say Next WWE game before they announce the game all the time. Just like Rockstar. Have they even called the next GTA number 5 yet? They might wanna make GTA 4.5 or something else. There was GTA 3, Vice City, San Andres on last gen. This gen we have GTA 4, nothing else yet.

Just saying I wouldn't jump into thinking there is a new name yet. Smackdown Vs. Raw is perfect title if you ask me. If its named WWE All Stars then I quit.

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slavish32676d ago

this series really needs some change. I hope they do something

49erguy2676d ago

If the series stayed the same for a few more years it'd be like Tony Hawk games. Please don't name it Smackdown: You Can't See Me.

NYC_Gamer2676d ago

its not about the name but the lame gameplay this franchise offers

goukijones2676d ago

What a ridiculous story. You realize any PR n00b could have wrote that on the facebook page. C'mon. Besides I saw this same exact story on a different site. Get a life. Bottomline no matter what they call it, it will still be SmackDown VS Raw 2012. Don't be a Jimmy.

jbl3162673d ago

It's called WWE 12. The name change was correct.

goukijones2672d ago

My comment is 4 days old. Congratulations. lol. Thanks for reminding my how much I look like a Jimmy.

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The story is too old to be commented.