90° Trade-in Offer for Duke Nukem: Forever

" are doing a trade-in offer for Duke Nukem: Forever, and you can get a copy for £4.99 if you trade in ONE of the following games."

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UnbiasedGamer2677d ago

Not only will you trade in your full priced game some which are relatively new and maybe even better and you pay a extra £4.99 on top thus overall you payed more..these offers are lame.

Irnbruguy2677d ago

The trade in price for those games however is around 30/35 pound & considering the games 39.99.. That is quite a decent deal.

Depends if you want to keep these recent games or if you cant afford duke because you've already bought something already, this gives you the choice to basically get another new game to play.

Irnbruguy2677d ago

Gamestations offers are always better.
Trade in ANY two PS3 or 360 games and get a fiver off any new chart title.