Military Simulation based on CryEngine 3: Huge HD Screenshots and Video Emerged

PC Games released some huge hd screenshots and trailer from an upcoming military simulation, that based on Cryteks CryEngine 3.

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Hitman07692641d ago

This has some extreme graphics.

chak_2641d ago

some parts yes, no others clearly not.

And still no gameplay, that "game" smells like a trap

ps921172641d ago

In my honest opinion that had some shity graphics.

I think MW2 in consoles looks better.

ps921172641d ago

>Implying I don't have 15/15 vision.

Catatafish2641d ago

How do you have so many bubbles spouting nonsense like that?

ps921172640d ago

How do you have so many bubbles being so stubborn like that?

Let me help you out, take some "bubbles".

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Catatafish2641d ago

ARMA 2 still owns it...

It's the only game that I need to sit around and OT tune my rig up to maximum potential with fans cranking to max it out. Even then some areas give me serious frame lag with 8x AA and max settings at around 6000 meters vision.

Every other game on the market takes it max on stock settings.

ARMA 2 owns everything and I can't wait for ARMA 3 but I am not looking forward to the specs for high end use.

a08andan2641d ago

I actually thought it was a little lame. It doesn't look like a huge improvement. One thing that I can't wait til we have, is REAL ground-vegetation like grass, flowers etc. And REAL trees. It will take a huge leap in graphical power to achieve this (Anyone who has played around with lets say SpeedTree and UDK would know how much power it takes to generate a lot of trees and the wind etc).


Wont be a scratch on Arma II or for the matter Arma III

ATiElite2641d ago

looks very good in some parts then looks OK in others. Honestly it's NOT too far ahead of Arma II with the ACE MOD 2.....

Which means Arma 3 is gonna Kill the CryEngine 3

Catatafish2641d ago

Looking at yor profile pic how the game run on your rig?

I assume you like to max things?

byeGollum2641d ago

damn.. that cryengine is a beast... still no competition since 2007

CrzyFooL2641d ago

Yes, let's spend 60 million US dollars on this shit to train our soldiers instead of better body armor.

ATiElite2641d ago

Actually our military soldiers have better body armor than any other military but the Virtual training that these simulators provide helps soldiers avoid being shot all together!

When you can have an area memorized like the back of your hand before your boots hit the really helps.