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At the Square Enix First Production Department Conference held on January 18, 2011, Square Enix announced that they were developing a sequel to the game, entitled Final Fantasy XIII-2. The game takes place immediately after the events of Final Fantasy XIII, is set to star Lightning once again and will feature a modified version of the Active Time Battle system from the original game.

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Lovable2639d ago

Can't wait for this...this, Versus 13, Disgaea 4, Twisted Metal and White Knight Chronicle 2 are my most anticipated game.

Brewski0072639d ago

All u need is a time machine. Set it forward another 4-5 years and HOPEFULLY we'll all be playing Versus 13. :)
Nah but seriously, yeah im looking forward to these games, just hope they redeem themselves.

Istanbull2639d ago

I dont care for Versus 13 anymore, they showed the first trailer back in 2006 when I was a little boy, now i'm grown up man.

somerandomdude2639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )

I'm glad they're taking their time with versus 13. It might actually have exploration and towns!!! it is also the last square game that I am looking forward to before I give up on them.

13-2 seems more like a directors cut of 13, the majority of the cut scenes were intended for the first game.

Dark Souls should be interesting, and of course elder scrolls 5 may be the best rpg coming out.

MaxXAttaxX2639d ago

I don't think he meant that there hasn't been a trailer since 2006. Just that it's taking a while lol

bakasora2638d ago

If the battle system is the same and the story is still crappy based on what I see from the videos. oh wait, I don't care anymore.

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bwazy2639d ago

Only game that sounds good on that list is Twisted Metal. Why? Because It won't be a colossal disappointment.

RedPawn2639d ago

This article didn't really give us much info about it, but I wonder if this game has some of the left over ideas from Haerisis?

VGNetwork2639d ago

it is in fact a first look...

RedPawn2639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )

Not hating the work, just wanted some more production design info, possibly some pics of something new, with caps. I remember a few months back that they had talked about the redefined battle system, but I didn't know about the Diety Etro info.

Thanks for posting it though.

stonecold32639d ago

waiting for ffvs 13 its a shame that its been put back for this version to get released oh well i hope they announced it at the e3 when ffvs 13 gets released date would be better either they nomura will come on to sony confrence and give us more footage and more details that would be awsome

Alos882639d ago

I hope there are tougher optional bosses this time around, once I had maxed out the Crystalarium there really wasn't many enemies that still proved to be a significant threat, including the Hunts.

stealth500k2639d ago

this author pretends square hasnt made a single handheld game this gen.

As a game author its your duty to look at both sides.

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The story is too old to be commented.