Sniper Ghost Warrior 2: 10 Ways It Can Beat Crysis 2

"No matter how different the thought and creativity that may go into two games, if they share the same engine then comparisons will be drawn. Such is the fate of Crysis 2 and the upcoming sequel to last year's Sniper Ghost Warrior, two games that are inextricably linked by their shared use of Crytek's CryEngine 3."

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Tachyon_Nova2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

On visuals, it is certainly possible that it will look better than C2, although I would wait and see what Crytek's DX11 and high-res texture update brings.

Stateigic variety - Doubt it, the first Sniper: GW was pretty simple in terms of strategy.

Mission structure - Didn't realise Crysis had an issue here. What the author is trying to say is more mission variety than structure, which I could just about agree with.

More complex narrative - If you've played the first Sniper GW, then you know this ain't gonna happen. They may have tried with branching narratives, but it didn't really branch any story (because there wasn't any), just changed events somewhat.

Greater Tension - I thought C2 built tension really well, especially when you are faced with a whole bunch of enemies on highest difficulty. It can get quite tense having to fight for your life constantly. I found that even the sneaky missions in Sniper weren't tense because the AI was so dumb (yes, even dumber than Crysis').

More satisfaction - I was left feeling satisfied in Crysis 2 after taking down a heavy, and even more satisfied when I didn't take him down (ie sneaked past him without alerting him or the troops). The headshot tracking in Sniper got old fast, mostly due to the poor animation.

Fewer glitches - Would be nice

More realistic bullet physics and better sniping - You would hope so given what the game is.

RAmar1012636d ago

crysis 2 was just average in every field

awiseman2636d ago

Is that so, has any other game created the level of immersion that Crysis 2 created? What about audio?

You sir are a troll.

Heartnet2636d ago

Or is was just pretty average with good graphics

RAmar1012635d ago

is there any other game with worse performance as crysis 2, all the pop in, repetitive missions, same areas. i didnt think much of it at all and just as i expected no one cares about that game anymore i doubt hardly anyone plays it online.

some of the story sections were ok and indoor enviroments looks ace but the rest was drab, i was glad to get shut of it

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clank5432636d ago

I really liked it. Best single player component for an fps other than bioshock in the last few years easily.

Alos882636d ago

It might beat Crysis 2, but we all know they want to compete with COD really.

Alos882636d ago

Actually, I agree. Battlefield 2 kicked ass.


Oh come on, Crysis 2 in terms of gameplay wasnt a patch on the first or warhead but it had a better story and narrative, not to mention the ending was epic....

BUT to compare it to Sniper Ghost Warrior?!

Come on, that game is just horrible and the second seems to follow suit, the game doesnt even adhere properly to sniping and there is only one way to play it, not to mention the physics are beyond clownish and there is a complete lack of driving narrative.