CD Projekt explains 9GB Witcher 2 patch

Eurogamer: Eyeballs popped yesterday when owners of The Witcher 2 realised patch 1.1 on Steam was an enormous 9GB.

Why was it so big? Because the patch altered the entire 9GB Witcher 2 archive file, which Steam users were forced to re-download.

The actual 1.1 patch was only 15MB.

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Tachyon_Nova2641d ago

When I installed Homefront from DVD (I bought it from retail), it goes through steam. For some reason it installed 4GB from disc and downloaded the rest. WTF?

Seijoru2641d ago

probably patched multiplayer content.

captain-obvious2641d ago

9 gigs ???
thats like a game on it self


maxcer2641d ago

@ captain-obvious

did you read the article? shit dude, it even explains it in the short sentence below the title.

your user name is ironic.

I_find_it_funny2641d ago

"9 gigs ???
thats like..." you cant read

GrumpyVeteran2641d ago

That was actually a bug with Steam, and there was a workaround to stop Steam doing that.

ATiElite2641d ago

holy sh!t Batman!

actually I never noticed it. I have Steam set to download crap while I'm sleep or at work so I never noticed it.

any other game I would pitch a fit but since this game is so dam good....F-it no big deal!

midgard2272641d ago

this is true! i dont care how big aslong as it fixes the bugs!!! wondering....does the game patch itself or do i have to download it manually? is it out in america yet?

kesvalk2641d ago

like ATiElite said, Steam patch games automatically when you are not using it...

it's a pity i don't have money to buy this game...

got deus ex instead (HUGE fan of deus ex here.)

chak_2641d ago


the don't explain anything at all, they just make a statement

Baka-akaB2641d ago

Next time just go with GoG ...

Doesnt justify it , but still ... i dont see how any version trumps a drm less one with every possible bonuses known for the game .

BeastlyRig2641d ago

yeah I am very glad I bought it from gog! Seem to have less problems.

chak_2641d ago

steam version have all the bonus.

yes, I even have the papercraft thingy to print :D

BeastlyRig2641d ago

actually gog version have the same bonus stuff plus the art book that usually comes with the $120 version..

Doesn't matter as long as you bought it!


Steam version is the only version that has achievements and leaderboards and if you pre-purchased the game you get 3 genuine bonuses for the scout in Team Fortress 2: Three-Rune Blade (Geralt's sword), Hero's Tail (Geralt's wig) and Sign of the Wolf's School (Witchers' medallion). Those are sufficient arguments to have pre-ordered Steam version!

knowledge4lfe2641d ago

i downloaded from GOG.COM because more money goes to the developers. they deserve it, the game is amazing.

Vecta2641d ago

Steam version doesn't come with any DRM besides steam itself. Only retail copies have Securom.

WetN00dle692641d ago

True true BUT still DRM usually means that you can only install the title a certain amount of times and the retail copies can be installed an unlimited amount of times THEREFORE it isnt true DRM..............or am i mistaken??? Cause ive already installed my title a few times without any problems whatsoever. Anyways i personally prefer to have the disk itself on hand. ANYWAYS the game is great no matter which version you bought as long as you supported the developers that is what matters!

kesvalk2641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

DRM is procedure that tries to bar pirated versions from running, in paper is not so bad, but after the advent of the install limit DRM things have gone from bad to worse...

if the game need the cd/dvd to be put in the dvd-drive, then it have DRM

steam too have DRM, that is the actual steam, that need you to enter with your login to give you access to your games. Although it's a very light DRM since you can just use the option to play offline and the game don't stop if your internet goes down (like assassins creed 2 or starcraft2).

i don't know about you guys, but i have a policy of never buying a game that have this type of draconic DRM, it's really painful for me to not buy assassins creed 2, but i think if we don't talk with our money, no one will talk for us...

Vecta2641d ago

WetNoodle, if you have patch 1.1 installed then you should be able to install the game as many times as you feel like as the patch removed DRM from the retail version. CDProject stated the DRM was only there so people who bought the game could play it before the pirates, once it served its purpose they removed it.

JellyJelly2641d ago

What's GoG? Sounds snazzy!

Fishy Fingers2641d ago

Website for digital downloads. Like direct2drive or whatever, but generally cheaper.

WithMyLastBreath2641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

Actually the new patch removes DRM...

So it doesn't really matter where you buy it anymore and it's a shame I feel that Atari kinda forced their hand on the idea of having drm

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Ninjamonkey822641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

lol thats wtf has been happening i've been taking it in parts lol pausing and starting again im at 70% atm ffs :)

THWIP712641d ago

...and the International patch from the official Witcher 2 website. I've had no problems whatsoever. :)

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