E3 2011: Top 5 PlayStation Exclusive to Look Forward To

To commemorate the upcoming gamer holiday known as E3, the three attendees here at JustPushStart would like to share with our gaming brethren the top five exclusives that we are looking forward to on our respective consoles.

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ShadyDevil2639d ago

I just want another MGS on the PS3. Port or new. I dont care.

Seijoru2639d ago

Awful list. Why is no more heroes on this list??? It was perfect except for the fact that it is missing Agent and Starhawk.

TheLastGuardian2638d ago

I'm definitely buying the top 4.

Also Twisted Metal and The Last Guardian are both bigger than Resistance 3 imo.

I hope Sorcery is shown more than No More Heroes.

lazertroy2639d ago

MY top Unannounced Playstation Exclusives
1.Kingdom Hearts 3
2.Syphon Filter
3.Sly 4
4.Jak 4
5.Zone Of Enders

trounbyfire2639d ago

OMFG KH3 would be orgasmic i want so bad

2639d ago
Enate2639d ago

I agree with KH3 and ZOE but the rest I'd have to go with some exclusively awesome jrpgs. That are hopefully in the works as that has been the weakest genre this gen. An I really wish Sony would take a stab at it since SE has been a let down thus far as far as consoles go. I was excited for Front Mission till I saw what they did to one of my favorite franchises.

Wada keeps making them look for this COD money. By switching up anything and everything he can think of. An all it has done is get the company into trouble. If they would give us the quality and loyalty SquareSoft did the company would not be in trouble now.

MultiConsoleGamer2639d ago

There's a hell of a lot more than five.