Free Gears 3 Desktop Background And Poster Printout Given For Beta Participation

Microsoft is now issuing e-mails to Gears of War 3 Beta participants containing 3 desktop backgrounds and one PDF file for printing out your own 24x36 inch Gears 3 poster.

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ROQFrost2492d ago

I got mine a few hours ago, its pretty sweet looking.

JoeIsMad2492d ago

Yeah, this is pretty awesome.

Solid_Snake-2492d ago

this is cool for air rifle owners.

JellyJelly2492d ago

Would have been cooler if they gave out a 360 theme, but this is alright. Free so it's hard to slam :)

WetN00dle692492d ago

Yep, same here just got it a few hours ago. And yes it does look nice!

Brash_Attack2492d ago

I want to print mine up but it's hard to find a place to do it for less than 30.

JoeIsMad2492d ago

You could do it at a retail chain like Walmart or ASDA.

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