New Releases for the Week of May 29, 2011

Sure, this week’s inventory of new releases may seem meager, but when you consider that the talents of both Xena: Warrior Princess‘s Lucy Lawless and Treasure Island author Robert Louis Stevenson have contributed to this week’s titles, there’s no denying the sheer amount of star power involved

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Pintheshadows2607d ago

Even though i'm curious about Hunted it is one game I won't risk until I have read a review. That and Infamous 2 is out soon.

stealth500k2607d ago

yeah the hunted looks pretty bad.......its not a bethesda game

deserteaglexix2607d ago

Technically, it's published by Bethesda Softworks, so it could be considered a Bethesda game, even though it's not made by Bethesda Game Studios.

Confusing, I know.

Rybakov2607d ago

i can't wait for not expecting an amazing single player because it is made for coop play....but i got my friend it into it enough to come over and play

Pintheshadows2607d ago

The premise sounds good but the previews have been all over the shop. I'm not sure what to think. I just wish I could play Witcher 2. So badly.

mobijoker2607d ago

Hunted looks interesting.Gotta see the reviews first though.Brink was not a very good effort from Bethesda.