Interview: Army of Two Producer Reid Schneider on Co-op and Politics

After years of neglect, cooperative play is finally back in the limelight thanks to successful games like Halo and Gears of War. However, few games fully embrace the feature to the extent that EA's upcoming Army of Two (PS3, X360) does.

Shacknews spoke with producer Reid Schneider -- who noted the team's reliance on the mantra "co-op's not the mode, co-op is the game" -- about how and why Army of Two places such a heavy focus on having two players work through a campaign collaboratively. The second page of the interview delves into the intriguing political backdrop of Army of Two, the post-9/11 world of private military corporations such as Blackwater and Aegis. On the third page they talk about Army of Two's multiplayer mode and replayability system, and whether we can expect a PC version.

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Feihc Retsam4072d ago

You need to get some friends...

Since the days of the NES, co-op games have provided me with some of my most memorable gaming experiences.

Life Force, Contra, Double Dragon etc...

I'm psyched about this game, and I appreciate them going the more mature route with the title to appeal to us "adult" gamers