The Collector’s Edition Curse – Paying More for Less

Now more than ever before, the video game industry is tapping into those childhood urges, by way of "collector's editions." It's become standard practice for developers to bundle their hot new games with added DLC, artbooks, toys, and other gimmicky kitch. In theory, it's a neat idea, especially if you're a die hard fan of a particular game. The only problem is, more and more collector's edition releases are ripping you off. Hard.

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HBK6192609d ago

It is interesting.

I bought the Dead Space 2 one, although I didn't feel that ripped off. I did indeed want the soundtrack (am massively into collecting game soundtracks). But most of all I wanted Dead Space Extraction, which for my money was worth paying for the extra shit than just getting the Limited Edition on it's own.

Personally felt that the Duke Nukem Forever Balls of Steel Edition was truly awesome (the 100 page book sealed it for me) so I have pre-purchased that already.

Am getting the 'Special Edition' of inFAMOUS 2, would've liked the Hero Edition, but that was WAY too expensive (here in Aus).

Will be getting Uncharted 3's no matter what. The game series is my favourite this gen and I don't see it being bad.

Liked the look of Resistance 3's, although that'll probably cost a lot and I don't truly need that stuff. May just go for the special edition on that one as well.

banjadude2609d ago

Unfortunately, I have had a [recent] bad spell for buying almost any collector's edition.

It's a pretty bad... since I was pretty much buying any game that came with a collector's edition.

I seriously, need to scale things back ... or I'll have no coin for Uncharted 2, Skyrim, ME3, etc :(