Microsoft Q1 earnings preview

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Microsoft will report its Q1 results tomorrow on October 25. Industry estimates a Q1 revenue of $12.57 billion (earnings per share: $0.39,) while Microsoft in July forecast $12.4 billion to $12.6 billion revenue ($0.38 to $0.40 per share.) Analyst predictions centered on better-than-expected PC sales worldwide plus the uber-successful launch of Halo 3. Microsoft is also set to launch Xbox 360 Arcade to compete with Nintendo Wii, but that won't affect Q1 numbers -- only Q2 numbers.

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akira4072d ago

to all sony fanboys like me lets all unite and ban this ass kissing(microsoft),money hungry sites namely GAMESPOT, GAMESPY and 1UP. they are dumasses which does not have the right to be called review sites. they are all microsofts puppets! especially that guy AARON THOMAS he is full of crap because he is trying to destroy something that a lot of people put their heart and soul on perfecting a game like ratchet and clank
i must tell you guys right now it is the most awesome game i have ever played. it will make you say OH MY GOD!!!!! that is how good it is. the graphics is unbelievable they have put so much attention to detail that as a lot of people said almost like PIXAR quality and that is quite an achievement. all right people be smart and if you call yourselves gamers then test drive this baby and see what you've been missin, which to my mind is going to be the game of the year!! well i'll probably reserve that until i see uncharted drakes fortune. as for me i'm lovin every moment of this. thats all for now dudes.. peace out! AAAAAHUUUUUUUU!!!

Jeremy Gerard4072d ago

All those sites you mentioned loved the PS2, give plenty of credit to PS3, regularly bash the X360, and pretty much are the only big independent sites.

Also R&C is a good game yes, but you are giving it waay too much credit, it is the same as all those before it, nothing new, plus it is a freakin kiddy game! like Kameo or Viva pinata, people like me dont even look in the direction of games like that, im a grown man, im not playing some sh*t about a cute lil mouse rabbit and his pet robot. You need to get a grip dude, you are way too in love with Sonys nuts.

V2oom4072d ago

You are a dumbass.
And now that I popped your last bubble less people will be subjected to your ridiculous rants.

JokesOnYou4072d ago

It has a ps logo on it so every site MUST love the game, if NOT then they are biased, paid by micro, its a conspiracy, your dog ate your homework, the boogeyman made you wet the bed last night and you're psychic.

dammm get over it and stop your fcking crying and spamming the rest of the news 'cause you NEED the world to believe you= NORMAL PEOPLE DONT CARE OR THROW A SISSY FIT OVER ONE REVIEW, if you like the game then go play it. Im just so sick of hearing sonykids crying and they wonder why that news was so fcking huge, its full of a bunch of sonykids screaming about how the world is going to end over R&C, ha ha and you do all that crying and expect that others wont laugh at you.


andy0014072d ago

Yet another report were we can all pretend to be analysts rather than gamers, spending more time looking at console sales figures, pontificating and navel gazing, rather than play games.

There is something seriously wrong here.

Jeremy Gerard4072d ago

There is nothing wrong with looking at gaming from an adult and serious point of view, I for one own stock in M$ so this matters to me as much as the next big game release.

mighty_douche4072d ago

i understand your point, but unfortunately this is called..

news4gamers... not

new4Jeremy Gerard

mesh14072d ago

xbox 360 has won the next gen war can we now move on plz ?

iMad4072d ago (Edited 4072d ago )

And all people will hear us via media noise and will decide to buy a console that has won!

XBOX 360 just has won the nex-gen war! That's should be our slogan for the next few mounth and all people in the world will know this fact.

gogators4072d ago

this long to release 1st quarter numbers? We are already business fiscial quarter 3. Shouldn't they be giving quarter 2 numbers.

Jeremy Gerard4072d ago

Stop commenting on things you know nothing about

Captain Tuttle4072d ago

You should read more books and play less video games.

mighty_douche4072d ago

lets all get our suits out and pretend to be Microsoft exec's!

im a gamer, so as you all know, sales figures are soooo very important to me cos i can list them all off later on the ps3 threads and make it look like im intellectual, woohoo!

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