Myvideogamenews review: Nascar the Game 2011 (Wii)

What they promised was an authentic NASCAR racing title. What “Wii” got is a dumbed down version of it’s console counterparts that never really hits on all cylinders.

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showtimefolks2554d ago

with all the series not just sprint cup
online needs to be smoother with 43 cars human online(if possible)
career mode needs to have all the pros and cons like signing deals and stuff and loosing your sponsorships if you can't win

come on someone please make a proper game i will pick this up in fall for like 5-10

mastiffchild2554d ago

I just don't know if there's much of an international market for ANY Nascar game no matter how faithful it is to real life. As such you have to hope(if you're a fan of oval racing I guess)that there is a big enough ,market in the US to fund making the kind of game Nascar fans would want. I'm thinking, sadly, that fans will struggle to get what they want with so many more interesting(to most folk)driving games and forms of motorsport already out there.

Thing is, even the most petrol headed of my mates(here in the UK) cannot abide Nascar and find watching it o playing a game of it mind numbing-oh, turn left? Really? As a result, if this, as I suspect, is the reaction nearly everywhere then I doubt a game doing it justice for it's fans can currently be funded and the decreasing quality of the games surrounding it seem to indicate this as well.

While I'm not a fan I AM a fan of some other pretty niche sports that never get a great game either(Cricket, for example, never had a decent game yet)so I feel the pain of Nascar fans wanting something decent to recreate the thing they love at home for themselves. Sad that they allow devs to churn this kind of crap out relying on a license to sell to a captive audience.