Dear Angry Video Game Nerd, ...Don't Ever Quit!

Like many gamers who have paid attention to gaming-related stuff online over the past few years, the name "James Rolfe", the title "Angry Nintendo/Video Game Nerd" and comedy ramblings of a "pissed off, foul-mouthed gamer" all represent the same thing to many gamers: One of the best rant-heavy videogame-themed web series on the 'net!


Ugh, mistake on link. Actual link:

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MoveTheGlow2555d ago

Dear web author... don't immediately 404 your own work! What's up? I was looking forward to reading a tribute article from (obviously, given the username) one of my favorite Net personalities!

Kakihara2555d ago

I usually hate these quirky web based amateurish comedy shows but the Angry videogame nerd is fucking awesome. His show never suffered from that sense of trying too hard or cynically playing the wacky carefree angle you see in most of these types of things. His regular James Rofl stuff is good too, he seems to appreciate all of the same stuff I do from Jackie Chan to the Twilight zone.

fluffydelusions2555d ago

I agree, also love his cinemassacre work. Really great stuff from James.

Lifendz2555d ago

I love it because the guy takes me back to my youth when games were just insanely hard. The Karate Kid vid remains an all-time favorite.

RBlaze2555d ago

I think he is classic! Every day in the early month I check gametrailers' Screwattack to see whether his new video is up! He is still hilarious!

He slowed down becuase he thought he was suffering from a burnout... So he dropped his reviews from 2 to 1 per month.

And this month has had none! But that's due to him working on his avgn film! Get accross to as he is actually doing a casting call!!

But yeah, I hope he doesn't stop it! His other stuff is ok and does make me smile... But the other things aren't as good as AVGN. My all time fave - Little red hood.

NarooN2555d ago

The AVGN/James is ridiculously fucking awesome. I dare anyone to say he sucks. Everything he does is pure gold.

jack_burt0n2555d ago

The guy is top tier VG online media, possibly the best.

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Kon2555d ago

This AVGN thing is like Classic Game Room?

Godmars2902555d ago

More about skit comedy than reviews, though the reviews are there.

Godmars2902555d ago

Pity he's in the process of selling out/about to get @$$ raped by Hollywood with the movie he's doing.

BubbleSniper2555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

I stopped watching AVGN when he started doing reviews on things other than old games. Him selling out doesn't matter to me.

He deserves it I guess.

fluffydelusions2555d ago

You mean his film reviews? But he majored in film and is passionate about it. Don't see what the problem is.

evrfighter12555d ago

when money becomes the name of the game. There's always problems

fluffydelusions2555d ago

@evrfighter1 because he's making money off something he loves doing he is selling out? You prefer maybe he works at McDonalds?

BubbleSniper2555d ago

Because that is not what I started watching him for.

call me narrow minded, I don't care.

evrfighter12555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

so what are you saying plb?

you can't make money while doing what you love first?

with Hollywood or film you're under someone elses thumb and you do what THEY say. When the cash starts rolling in greed takes over.

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Pozzle2555d ago

It's not selling out. It's called having a job.

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