When was Sonic fun?

"Sonic used to be a big dog in the game industry along with Mario. When the jump to 3D happened the blue hedgehog just couldn't keep pace. There have been a select amount of great Sonic titles but most gamers glance over them. Sonic Generations will grab the attention of gamers as Sega flashes the presence of the older Sonic with a pot belly. So we asked the Gameplay Today staff this week what their favorite Sonic game was..."

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AEtherbane2605d ago

You though you were being clever didnt you?

Dart892606d ago

Back in my childhood years.

VG_Releaser2606d ago

Been a long.... loooooooooooooong time

hazardman2606d ago

not as fun as my genesis days, but the new download is and there.

zackacloud2606d ago

last fun in sonic adventure then the real sonic dead with dreamcast

CNXN2606d ago

Sonic Adventure 2: Battle was pretty great put a lot of hours into that on the gamecube

vickers5002606d ago

Agreed. SA2:B was a very fun game, and had some pretty cool music as well. Very fast paced.

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The story is too old to be commented.