inFamous 2 Hero Edition: Why I'm Buying My First CE Ever

TitanReviews writes: Find out why the inFamous 2 Hero Edition will be the very first game this gamer has ever shelled out the extra money for a collector's edition on, and why you will too.

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LOGICWINS2487d ago (Edited 2487d ago )

Well, u admitted urself that you don't care about the statue, soundtrack, comic books, and DLC(much like myself). If u want to support Sucker Punch AND benefit yourself...why not save that extra $40 on Sucker Punch's next game?

Its nice that you want to support SP. They DESERVE it in my honest opinion. I played the game at Bestbuy today and WOW, MUCH better than I was expecting, Its the most fluid platformer/third person-shooter I've ever played...and thats only from my 5 minutes with the game. EVERY second with the game is pure joy.

But like I said, theres no need to buy things you KNOW u won't really like. The only thing really worth a damn in this CE is the bag.

Elimin82487d ago

"Why I'm Buying My First CE Ever" Uhhhhh, Because it's AWESOME... And well worth it. Got it from amazon for $86.

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Falaut2487d ago

Was going to get it, but decided against it, the figurine looks rather dope but the backpack is tacky in my opinion. Getting regular day 1. Maybe get the R3 special with the sachel, that bag looks proper.

LOGICWINS2487d ago

Even though I am in the market for a messenger bag, I really don't like that orange color.

Dysmorphic2487d ago

I think the figurine's the weakest part of this special edition, to be honest (and that's not saying much when the bag is terrible too). Sure, the statue is fairly well sculpted but it looks horribly bland. It's just a guy standing on a ledge. There needed to be some form of electric detailing.

Falaut2487d ago

I agree with you, not on the statue being weak...but on the detailing, that would make it pop more.would be quite easy to do with some led tubing or something. good point.

CNXN2487d ago

Bioshock 2 was a god one Large hardcover artbooks are pretty great

kinda want witcher 2 CE

BYE2487d ago

The only one I ever got was for Demon's Souls, it had only useful stuff in it for a fair price. No figurines or other gimmicks.

I will definitely get Infamous 2, but the regular edition. Dark Souls on the other hand will be CE. They need to learn from Atlus / Namco just to put useful stuff in it, but then again that's a matter of what the individual prefers.

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