What Are Sony's 4 Mystery Games For E3 2011?

If you check out Sony's official E3 2011 page you'll find four blank game spots among the already confirmed game titles Sony will showing this year (Twisted Metal, Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One, inFAMOUS 2, Resistance 3 and Uncharted 3). With E3 only a week away, what could the four games possibly be? Recon Entertainment takes a look at some games that might fit the bill.

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golsilva2674d ago

Im thinking
new quantic dream game
sly 4
shaq fu 2

Dart892674d ago

Starhawk has already been confirmed.

My guess a new Syphon Filter.Does Sony own the ip to it anyone know??

Surfaced2674d ago

Yes Sony owns Syphon Filter but I feel like the IP is kinda exhausted. The franchise's performance has been declining with recent titles, and I don't think a new entry would do well in the current market.

Also, Bend Studio, the Syphon Filter developer, is currently working on Uncharted for NGP.

LOGICWINS2674d ago

Have any of u played Syphon Filter? Is it any good? I might buy it once the store comes back.

SoapShoes2674d ago

^What are you talking about? The series has only gotten better with recent titles... The PSP Syphon Filters are among the best games for the PSP and have won many PSP GOTY awards.

For having owned both and beaten both I'd say that they are excellent!

Kingscorpion19812674d ago

I agree with Surfaced! But I would like to see a new Syphon on the PS3 even though it probably won't never happen.

JLeVRT2674d ago

Yea i really hope its a new Syphon Filter

Kingscorpion19812674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

Even though Syphon Filter was a great game last generation and on the PSP, it never sold well and that's why I don't think Sony will bring it back. I'll be surprise if they bring it back though.

jony_dols2674d ago

Fingers crossed for a new Medievil game from Sony Cambridge.......Or maybe a new J&D title from ND (although it would be a pain in the ass for ND to develop both UC3 & a new Jak simultaneously)...

Sly 4 is almost a guarantee though, considering it was heavily hinted at in the Sly Collection & now Sucker Punch have finished Infamous 2, it is only a matter of time before its announced.

Sunhammer2674d ago

I really have no idea what to expect this year. No hints to go by.

If I had to guess...

- Something of a teaser for God of War 4
- A trailer for Quantic Dream's new IP
- Rockstar claims they won't be at E3 but if a trailer for Agent exists, Sony has the right to show it
- MediEvil reboot
- The long awaited Syphon Filter reboot
- New IP by random developer X
- Persona 5

Whatever the announcements will be, I suspect that at least two will be for NGP.

emekcrash2674d ago

Why a Medievil reboot? There has been only two made, I want Medievil 3.

sikbeta2673d ago

Syphon Filter is owned by Sony and it's not exhausted, you don't say that until a Syphon Filter game comes to the PS3, also the PSP titles are just Great...

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lil Titan2674d ago

JESUS CHRIST ON A POGOSTICK!!! Please announce Legend of Dragoon 2!!!

Dart892674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

I could live with that too one of my favorite RPG'S during ps1 era and i still play it to this day never get's boring.

Edit:Wtf i jsut lost a bubble??I guess only on N4G.

Istanbull2674d ago

Legend of Dragoon 2 would be the much anticipated JRPG the industry is awaiting, since SE failed to deliver and betting on the wrong horse.

-Gespenst-2674d ago

I get the sense that all the LOD love I see is purely nostalgic. I picked it up recently and whilst I haven't finished it, I'm very far.

I intend to finish and I am enjoying it, but it's just not as good as everyone thinks. The dialogue is dodgy as hell, the combat can be a little bit boring (And you do need to grind), the music's alright, but it's a bit sketchy / a bit amateur or something. Also the story is sort of loaded with cliches. Idk, it is worth playing, but a sequel would probably be a totally different game if it wanted to contend with today's market.

MostJadedGamer2674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

I am hoping they are ALL new IP's because I am just not interested in any of Sony's current franchises.

MostJadedGamer2674d ago

"Then your not a gamer"

Its true very few games interest me anymore. Still I wish Sony would make something that interest me as the only games that interest me on the PS3 are multiplatform games.

I would like to have a exclusive to justify owning the PS3. The only reason I own a PS3 is because of all the hardware problems I had with the 360.

moparful992674d ago

Ok so multiplats interest you but exlusives dont? Wow thats the most oxymoronic statement I think I've ever heard... Most multiplats are so generic and overated.. There are exceptions but not enough to lend any creedance to your statement...

MostJadedGamer2674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

"Ok so multiplats interest you but exlusives dont? Wow thats the most oxymoronic statement I think I've ever heard... Most multiplats are so generic and overated.. There are exceptions but not enough to lend any creedance to your statement..."

I wish there was exclusives that interest me. That is why I said I hope all 4 of those games Sony are new IPs because I am not interested in any Sony's currant franchises.

By the way 98% of multiplatforms don't interest me either. There are so very few games that interest me anymore its to the point where I only buy about 4 games a year now.

gamerzBEreal172674d ago

lmao are u sure your not getting ps3 and 360 mixed up?

MostJadedGamer2674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

"lmao are u sure your not getting ps3 and 360 mixed up?"

I guess it would be very easy to mix them up since neither has had any good exclusives. The only difference between the PS3, and 360 was that the PS3 had high quality hardware, and the 360 had crappy hardware. Which is the reason I own a PS3, and no longer own a 360.

49erguy2674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

Someone needs to play Mass Effect and Uncharted. If you hate those then maybe the_best_player was right. You aren't much of a gamer or you're trying to force yourself to be a gamer and its not working. It's understandable. Not everyone is a gamer.

ijkabob2673d ago

Not a gamer because we hate uncharted? I hated uncharted. It had a shit story and the majority of the game was poorly done platforming levels. One of the few games i've traded in.

I know i'm gonna lose bubbles on this again because N4G is full of 12 year olds...

MostJadedGamer2673d ago

"Someone needs to play Mass Effect and Uncharted. If you hate those then maybe the_best_player was right. You aren't much of a gamer or you're trying to force yourself to be a gamer and its not working. It's understandable. Not everyone is a gamer."

Actually I bought both Uncharted, and Uncharted 2. I rate Uncharted a 3/10, and Uncharted 2 a 5/10.

Yes even though I hated the first Uncharted I actually fell for the massive hype, and bought Uncharted 2.

sikbeta2673d ago

Sony owns more than 80 IPs, if you are not interested in at least a couple... I don't... for God's sake....


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helghast1022674d ago

Sly 4 and Starhawk are already publicly known
(Sly 4 teaser from the collection)

TheLastGuardian2674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

Sly Cooper 4 is one of my biggest E3 wishes. I don't think that teaser trailer is a confirmation. I want a full blown E3 reveal if Sucker Punch really is making it.

Starhawk is already confirmed but expect a blow out of gameplay and info at E3.

Jamegohanssj52674d ago

Vice City HD
Vice City Stories HD
Vice City Chronicles(PSN game that lets you play as Ken Rosenburg after he goes dirt broke when Tommy gets tired of him)
Vice City(The successor to GTA IV which will be a PS3 exclusive)
Vice City Stories II(2013)(NGP)


TheLastGuardian2674d ago

San Andreas > Vice City

I want GTA San Andreas Stories for the NGP. I would however like GTA V to be set in Vice City and if it was a PS3 exclusive even timed exclusive, I would happy as hell.

Jamegohanssj52674d ago

San Andreas sucked. I was hoping that CJ killed himself in the end.


jessupj2673d ago

If you could merge the gameplay of SA (minus the lame tank) and it's huge rugged map with the story and atmosphere of VC (and keep the business system) you'd have an epic epic game.

egidem2674d ago

Sony is dealing with enough sh!t right now with the hackers and PSN down with the store. You'll have to cut them some slack if they don't deliver on their promises.

Fulensenca2674d ago

Shaq Fu 2? lol why Shaq Fu 2?

gunnerforlife2673d ago

"Retailer Walmart accidentally listed the sequel on their site to release January 25, 2011"

im sorry U WHAT....

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-Mezzo-2674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

Syphon Filter, Heavenly Sword 2 & MAG 2. has to be there. =]

Whats the address to the Sony's E3 page, where all the games are mentioned. I can't seems to find it.

ReconEntertainment2674d ago

Yes, I thought Heavenly Sword 2 was already confirmed? Maybe not. I think you're right about Syphon Filter though.

Surfaced2674d ago

I really doubt MAG 2 will happen any time soon.

RememberThe3572674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

MAG2 might be too soon for Zipper. They need to take their time on the next game. Both MAG and Socom 4 felt rushed.

I'm thinking something Move related from the London Studio. Starhawk for sure. Agent. and some third party titles.

@below: I think it will. And I think it will be for this year. I know that kind of bold but that is exactly what RockStar does.

Rainstorm812674d ago

Fingers crossed for Agent

If this game doesnt make some kind of appearance at E3 it will start to look like vaporware.

I mean we havent even had a screenshot yet, and this has been my most anticipated title for the past 2 E3s,

I mean Rockstar and Sony = WIN...... if it ever happens

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Surfaced2674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

They're obviously all SCE-published games.
my guesses...

-new Quantic Dream game
-WipEout Trinity
-new London Studio IP
-Sly 4

Alternatively, Sorcery could be in there. And possibly Agent, depending on whether Take-Two (Rockstar) or SCE is registered as the publisher.

The Bungie rumors are stupid as hell. Activision is Bungie's publisher now, and whatever they're working on will be multiplatform. It won't be among these 4 mystery games. They're all exclusives.

Resistance_lord2674d ago

Let me get my noose ready ;(

ReconEntertainment2674d ago

I'll tighten yours if you tighten mine.

Tachyon_Nova2674d ago

You can't deny that Haze has potential though, there is a reason why it was hyped. What they promised to deliver sounded awesome, the problem was that they didn't deliver.

I kid you not, there is one guy on my PSN friends list who is on Haze at least every second time I see him on (which is most times I'm on).

news4geeks2674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

Haze 2: Real Time Weapon Changes
Ridge Racer 8
Giant Enemy Crab: Massive Damage
Lair 2: A Dragons Fart

lol indeed but they are old enough now that I can say it without it being trolling.

quietlygamingaway2674d ago

awesomely funny comment!


mrmikew20182674d ago

Heaveny sword 2, Syphon Filter, Eight Days and I pray a new Jak and Daxter.

Jack-H2674d ago

Would LOVE a new Jak and Daxter.