What We Want in a New Smash Bros

I don't know about you, but when I hear Nintendo is about to unveil a new home console, I wonder when I'm going to see a new Super Smash Bros. The publisher's last two systems, the GameCube and Wii, were both fully revealed alongside new installments of the popular fighting/party game. Each time the franchise has grown in complexity and scope, making it one of the most anticipated releases every generation.

The Nintendo fans here at IGN have been playing a lot of Smash Bros. lately. We've also been looking back at Smash 64, Melee and Brawl thanks to some excellent reader blogs. It's time to ponder what could come next from the series that collides the worlds of Zelda, Mario, Metroid and more.

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Kamikaze1352488d ago

Here's what I would definitely appreciate:

- More 3rd party characters - 1 or 2 is fine. But these have to be characters that are known to be in Nintendo franchises. And more Nintendo characters, of course!

- Mini games other than break the target. Something cool...not something that feels like it was just thrown in there.

- Voice acting for the characters that have voices because there were way too many awkward moments in Brawl's story.

- Better level customization and sharing would be nice.

jacksonmichael2487d ago

I agree, but I would like to add that each character should have their own block animation. I'm anti-shrinking-pink-bubble.

soren2487d ago

they did have there own block animation? have u seen the char inside the bubble? when u block with ike and move around he is holding his swrod and link his sheild

jacksonmichael2487d ago

Yeah, you're right. Sorry. lol.

AEtherbane2487d ago

Online that doesn't suck.

Uncharted3Goty2488d ago

what we want is a new super smash bros.

MakiManPR2488d ago

DUH!! But what you want IN the new Smash Bros

zackacloud2487d ago

How about FF and KH characters?

Redempteur2487d ago

NO .

you want cross over characters to come into a corss over game .

So you want to cross over to bring some cross over characters... well we need to go deeper than this ...

BeardyKaiji2487d ago

No, I'd rather see the rest of the Nintendo Catalogue first.

I still want my SKULL KID!

AdvanceWarsSgt2487d ago

Viewtiful Joe and Travis Touchdown

Make it happen

lizard812882487d ago (Edited 2487d ago )

I can only see Nintendo adding a few new Nintendo characters. they are running down to the wire. Krool IIRC, is now the most wanted character along with Ridley.

What i want is:

-More 3rd party characters, maybe like 3 new ones. One of them better be (Classic) megaman.

-Balance changes, Nurfs and Buffs.

-Better AI, Brawls was lame. Melee's was much better balanced.

-Final Smashes not to be a KO fest


-Better Custom level maker.

-Bring back the gumball machine for trophies

-More assist trophies. (I would like to make them throw-able instead of picking it up and activating.)

-Better Random Pokemon. Brawl's was lame. it is just the same 3 pokemon over again.

-Make tripping an option

-Arcade, Adventure, and Story mode for main single player modes.

amilio2487d ago

Melee was much better balanced!?!?!?! are u crazy!?!?!?! u shud watch some melee matches on utube. final smashes werent Ko fest except for sonic's and marth. the final smash addtions were great. i perfer melee buh by the time the years went by. the crazy thing players found was incredible.

AEtherbane2487d ago

Brawl was much more balanced than Melee, no doubt. But Melee was more faced paced had this thing called gravity. You fell like a feather in Brawl which i've still not gotten used too.

lizard812882486d ago

For the AI i should explain myself.

Brawl's AI is much harder, but Melee's is more balanced. For example, in both games, set 3 cpu on level 9 and 1 human player, and play.

In Brawl, The AI will ONLY go after you, even though you didn't set it on team. in melee, they attack each other. thats what i mean by that statement. Its very frustrating when you launch off the side of the stage and the 3 others gather by the edge and just stand there, rather than fight each other.

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